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    I decided to start a Air Force Club up, since their seems to be quite a few Airman/Veteran Airman on this forum. Here is the basic outline of the club:

    Title: United States Air Force

    Membership Requirements: Officially in the Air Force DEP (Delayed Entry Program), Air Force Active-Duty, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, and Air Force Veterans.

    Goal: To help the younger Airmen learn tips/tricks, and to hear stories from the older Airmen. I hope that all Airmen will join this, cause, I know at least I, for one, am interested in some stories, and I am serious about them, I love stories. I listened to my grandfather before he died tell me about the US Army, and I have over a dozen uncles [counting great uncles] and all where in a service [Army & 1 Air Force] and they have all told me many stories.

    Why? Well, if you want to talk to people who are currently in, or people who have retired, here is a easy way to do it. If you want to learn about the USAF, you can check the group membership and know that every member is somehow in the USAF, whether it be like me, a DEP'er, or a Veteran from many years ago.

    How to join? PM (Personal Message) me, telling me you are/were in the USAF. If you can, please provide what part of the branch, and your years of service, cause I am going to make a Members List for the Members to look at your Public Record, and I ask only for information your willing to show the public within the group.

    Thanks for any and all support.

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