Ahmed Jabari was not just a military commander

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    It's interesting the kind of news you find, when it's not reported. When partisan media outlets, treat propaganda, as real news. In this case, the western mainstream media, reporting the story of the recent Gaza conflict, from the Israeli perspective and not publishing facts that would cast the spectre of Israel's actions, in a more devious and sinister light.

    By now, we've been bombarded with story after story, that Ahmed Jabari was a military commander and as such, a threat to Israeli security, thus justifying his targeted assassination. What was reported only once, before falling down the worm whole, was that he was also a major figure in negotiations for a long-term truce between Hamas and Israel freshly brokered by Egypt.

    So if we stop the presses, take a step back and look at this with more of a cognitive view, the first question comes to mind,
    "Why is Israel negotiating for a truce, while planning for war?"​

    I'm getting deja vu here, as this goes down with some of the greatest lies in history:
    1. when the Japanese delegation came to Washington to negotiate peace, just days before they invaded Pearl Harbor
    2. when Hitler told Stalin he would never attack Russia.
    3. I won't cum in your mouth.
    It is ironic though, the only media outlet to report this interesting fact about Jabari, was a Jerusalem newspaper.

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