Agribusiness In Ghana: All You Need To Know About The Sector

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    Scope for Agribusiness in Ghana
    1. Ghana is endowed with varied agro-climate, which facilitates production of temperate, sub-tropical and tropical agricultural commodities.
    2. There is growing demand for agricultural inputs like feed and fodder, inorganic fertilizers, biofertilizers.
    3. Biotechnology applications in agriculture have vast scope in the production of seed, bio-control
      agents, the industrial harnessing of microbes for bakery products.
    4. Export can be harnessed as a source of economic growth. As a signatory of World Trade Organization, Ghana has vast potential to improve its present position in the World trade of agricultural commodities both raw and processed form.
    The products line includes cereals, pulses, oilseeds and oils, oil meal, spices and condiments, fruits and vegetables, flowers, medicinal plants and essential oils, agricultural advisory services, agricultural tools and implements, meat, milk and milk products, fish and fish products, ornamental fish, forest by-products etc.

    1. At present processing is done at primary level only and the rising standard of living expands opportunities for secondary and tertiary processing of agricultural commodities.
    2. The vast coastal line and internal watercourses provide enormous opportunity for production
      of marine and inland fish and ornamental fish culture gaining popularity with the increase in aesthetic value among the citizens of Ghana.
    3. The livestock wealth gives enormous scope for production of meat, milk and milk products,
      poultry products etc. 8. The forest resources can be utilized for the production of byproducts of forestry.
    4. Beekeeping and apiary can be taken up on large scale in Ghana.
    5. Mushroom production for domestic consumption and export can be enhanced with improvement in the state of art of their production.
    6. Organic farming has the highest potential in Ghana as the pesticide and inorganic fertilizer application are less in Ghana compared to industrial nations of the world. The farmers can be encouraged and educated to switch over to organic farming.
    7. There is wide scope for production and promotion of bio-pesticides and bio-control agents for protection of crops.
    8. Seeds and hybrid crops, have the highest potential in Ghana in the future, since the productivity of high yielding varieties has reached a plateau.
    9. Micro-irrigation systems and labour-saving farm equipment have good potential for years to come due to declining groundwater level and labour scarcity for agricultural operations like weeding, transplanting and harvesting.
    10. Production of vegetables and flowers under greenhouse conditions can be taken up to harness the export market.
    11. Trained human resources in agriculture and allied sciences will take on agricultural extension system due to dwindling resources of state finance and downsize the present government agricultural extension staff as consulting services.
    12. The enhanced agricultural production throws open opportunities for employment in marketing, transport, cold storage and warehousing facilities, credit, insurance and logistic support services.
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    Thanks for this tremendously helpful post.

    I've thought about this subject for years and years and years and years and years, like nonstop 24/7, and always wondered, "hmm, where can I learn all about agribusiness in Ghana?" And then this post came. I can die in peace in now.
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