Agreement reached on illegal-alien amnesty

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Little-Acorn, May 17, 2007.

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    OR... they could stay quiet as they have been for decades, NOT pay the fine, NOT go home, and stay here permanently just as they have been.

    What a laugh. Which path do YOU think they'll choose?

    The only difference this "plan" will make, is that people who want to come in illegally but haven't done so yet, will realize the balance in the govt is swinging toward complete amnesty. It's just not all the way there yet. But they will redouble their efforts to get in illegally so they can cash in when the time does come, and last year's flood across our border will become this year's deluge.

    These liberals (in both parties) are so cute, with their little notions that 20 million people who have benefitted immensely by coming in illegally, working illegally, and staying illegaly, will turn around and start obeying the law.

    That's charming in its naivete'. Unfortunately, it's not coming from Miss VanDeventer's third-grade class at the local elementary school, but from THE LEADERS OF OUR NATION'S GOVERNMENT.

    We, the American voters, put those people into majorities last November. Now we are getting exactly the government we deserve.
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    No, we're getting the government Mexico deserves.

    S. 1348, what can you say about it?:

    That it's not amnesty? That's what he:

    Heh, this "deal" cut funding for the fence in half and gutted ALL employer prohibitions. Still, Harry Reid whines:

    Notice what's he so concerned about:

    This would devastate the American economy by the EITC alone, the outlays would go through the roof.

    Bush + Kennedy = disaster.
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