Afghan/Mexican Drug War

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    The Two drug wars being wages against Afghan Opium production and the trafficking of drugs across our United States border have many of the same principles. Afghanistan produces the majority of the world's opium, which is then processed into Heroin. This Heroin is then distributed to neighboring Pakistan, which has a large scale problem with addiction. This is also the supply for the whole of Europe. Even with the efforts of the DEA and UN, Heroin still makes it way to these regions in record supply. The numbers do not lie. Mexico is the main source of Cocaine and Heroin supplies to the United States via the southern border. Poppies are cultivated and processed into Heroin in South American countries such as Peru, as well as Coca leaves processed into Cocaine. Still, the effort of federal agencies to combat this war on drugs has done little to inhibit distribution in our country. The Taliban and the Mexican Cartels have a similar interest, and source of income. To supply their wealthier neighboring countries with addictive substances, and drain their economy from the working class upward. To understand why, you must look at the situation from their point of view. With no legitimate source of income, and a failed infrastructure by those of political power, they turn to a militaristic culture. Selling drugs and weapons in substitution for their lack of an economy. The war being waged against drug traffickers is either not working, or isn't TRULY being enforced. There could be an allowance of such activity, to rather stem the acts of violence than the flow or drugs. If these groups were ACTUALLY prohibited from selling their drugs, it would most certainly lead them to USING their weapons. Which we have seen an increase in over the last year or so. They will make their money one way or another. In return for an allowance of drug commerce in our country, the DEA make THEIR income off of a prison industrial complex. Sending the AMERICAN CITIZENS caught in between supplier and enforcers to serve jail sentences which earn profitable amounts of money from warehousing human beings, or join our military to fight the enemies of our federal government. The good guys need bad guys to point the finger at, and a population to fill prisons and military recruitment requirements. They are a loving partnership, admittedly or not.
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