Affordable Health Care Act V. Compelling Economic Activity of Clothing In Public(?)!!

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    And so the Obama liberals finally said, "There Oughta Be A Law," compelling participation of U. S. Nationals and entrants: In a risk pool of health insurance.

    What the Obama liberals did not say is, "There Oughta Be A Law" compelling participation of U. S. Nationals and entrants: In clothing mandatory pools of dressed people(?)!

    ObamaCare's Defenders Still Aren't Taking Challenges to the Mandate Seriously - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

    The Tea Party agenda regards the first moon-base to have been visited regularly, by Geore Washington, personally. Moon Rocket law has never been unprecedented, in the United States Consitution. George Washington apparently threw one, right across the Delaware, in front of everybody.

    Moon rockets, even then: Were not a local matter(?)!

    Lincoln knew better, and set about the attempted Genocide of White People, in America: Knowing for a fact that medical technology, was mostly unprecedented. A wound in the Civil War became a death sentence. Then, like with clothing, people began to search for a different way(?)! Then it turned out that some were left out, of the new fashion search. Even the famous Gingrich orphanages, would provide not only clothing but medical care.

    And so the Tea Party is a faction of the infamous Party of Abraham Lincoln(?). That program, too, would eventually die. The argument runs as follows: "If people can be compelled to participate in the economic activities regarding clothing: Then the people cannot be compelled to participate in the economic activities of health care," Especially if they are(?), even without any statute. "Let Them Die" became the on-board, Tea Party, cry of "Freedom," in America.

    Anyone knows that the original Tea Party, went aboard ship--before the War of Revolution--variously undressed like Native Americans, to "Party! Party! Party! Party!"

    That was before there was Interstate Commerce, in America. That was even before there were Civil Rights, and product health standards, in America. Life, even of colored people, became a Civil Right--and the taking of the life became even subject to federal intervention. Food inspections became American. Left unresolved is the matter of The Plague, even spread around from the clothing. So far, The Plague is a Great Gift of life(?)!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (And so even now: The Search For the Winning Non-Negro Dialect, continues at GOP, where hope is now even more important than change! Apparently, the search continues!)
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