AE911Truth Meetings (Chat 24/7)

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    Richard Gage from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth ( visits a small chat room every first sunday of each month. In there people can ask him questions, and learn about the path the movement is heading.
    (The room is open 24/7 for chatting about 9/11)

    Here is a snippet of him:

    He is accompanied by Erik Lawyer from Fire Fighters for 9/11 Truth,

    Here is a snippet of him:

    and David Chandler, the leading scientist who forced NIST to change their findings and admit to Free Fall & controlled demolition.

    Here is a snippet of him:

    AE911Truth Meetings:

    Link to Chat: Paltalk Express – Free chat rooms, instant messaging and webcam chat

    Room is entitled "Truth Movement", under the Politics tab.

    Download PC version of Paltalk here:

    Feel free to come in at any time and discuss your differences and beliefs behind 9/11. Just be aware that everyone in there is armed with FACTS, and there's no name calling like on these forums. Fallacies will not stand.

    ps. If you really believe your sides of the story, Divecon, Ollie, Candycorn, and others, I'd suggest you stand up for yourself and come into this room and show us your stance. Don't be cowards. This is your chance to directly confront AE911truth, BuildingWhat, and show them your view.
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