about terrorists in asia

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    it is imposible to contact the government
    just try to send this to the united states government
    and other people should pass it around
    befor these guys take over the planet
    i thought they was in sweden and country gorgia
    now i hear asia
    They have times machines and all kinds of tricks with it
    Verizon wireless and DSL in Downey
    california is illegal and BING.com is Illegal
    the hackers got these
    my FBI letter that they covered up
    so many times imagine that
    My name Steve Leffler address 10332 tristan dr Downey ca 90241 9/12/10
    there is some guys from underground governemt like criminals
    they have a neuron machine and they control me to do inventions
    My Dad was third generation at McDonnel Douglas his name is Gilbert Leffler
    those guys think they can cover up something by putting
    McDonnel Douglas out of bussiness
    chris reck at tristan here helped them do it by boycott method seding emails
    thats about the same time i reported chip baldoni for Life insurance policy fraud
    which was about 5 years ago he gets life insurance then kills them and collects the money
    i went to the FBI office on friday 9/10/10 but they was closing when i got there
    and i'm not sure if the FBI got my message scribbled on the envelope
    because i left but the receptionist was very polite and said they was closing
    i have extremly advance technology for the united states
    i would like to put my inventions in the hands of the united states government
    sign papers and get on with my Life
    and i guess they was mad because they were putting
    extremely high pain on me last night when i was sleeping
    also they keep doing a read on my memories and selling my inventions overseas
    you can follow the channels from me i can hear them talking in my head
    and they have a pentagon building and a smaller DOD building next to it in sweden
    also they are overseas at several of there bases
    geraldine michelson gabrielson also there is a base called matheson maybe more
    i asked chris if he wanted to go to the Rocket Launce at Lucerne dry lake on saturday
    and he said he had to take floyd to the airport < from friday
    anyway we went to it then to calico ghost town
    ok thanks
    you can contact washington
    but you shoud set your pc security put trusted sites and untrusted sites make sure you
    click where it says requires server verification if its checked your ok
    this cause it quary the server it talks with the server and makes sure your emails are sent
    they are extremly good hackers the best in the world and they hate this little trick i learned
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    So this is pretty epic.
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    ok firstly the raditz light speed thing is a translation mistake , this is NOT said in the manga or the japense version ,they never reach light speed in dbz , they get close at the very end at full power maybe , theoreticly , like 60-80 thousand mach maybe , but light speed is 90 thousand + . Hulk is physically much stronger then any dbz character ever gets , normal green hulk has lifted 150 billion tons. World War Hulk can theoreticly destroy a planet through physical blows , hes already been shown to be strong enough to survive in the planet core and pull/push tectonic plates around. Plus he can survive in space for a very very very long time , like days or weeks. Plus hulk regenerates at a MASSIVE degree. Hulk cant fly but he can jump into the outer atmosphere and cross continental , and has been shown to move as fast as top tier marvel characters such as the norse god Thor. Maybe goku could hit him with a big enough ki blast to kill him or knock him down to bruce banner state (however WWH has shrugged off a nova blast from human torch , this blast can be as hot as 1 million degrees , the surface of the sun is only 50,000 ) , but he would need to go all out right from the start , the longer the fight went the less chance goku would have , take too long and hulk would overpower him. As hulks strength has no measurable limits. Hulks stamina and durability is nearly limitless , as is his strength , goku would be very hard pressed to win this. The only way is complete overkill right from the start before hulk can catch his stride , i think goku could feasibly beat anything below world war hulk power , maybe , as it would be very hard for hulk to fight someone who can move so fast and fly and teleport and who can attack from range. So because of his movement advantages il say GOKU ftw , but only just and only if he does it quick.

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