AARP Disdains & Boos Ryan! AARP Supports & Cheers Obama Health Care Progress!

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    Apparently even the Obama people started with the electric messages after Ryan was booed at the AARP Convention, and Obama was cheered for progress with the Affordable Care Act! The results and reviews for some people are already in!

    AARP is an extensive network, and older people generally vote more regularly than other aged groups.

    Ryan booed, Obama cheered at AARP conference - Political Hotsheet - CBS News

    People like myself have AARP Medicare Advantage, even. Doctors like the various insurance plans. Ryan and Obama are directly different. Ryan proposes a plan where people can opt in to traditional Medicare--essentially reducing the risk poll--and further creating even smaller risk pools among competing plans. No such plan can be expected to hold down costs. The management costs alone would be mega-horrendous.

    Obama plans to increase the risk pool, and even Ryan more or less says: "Even creating more care that we never even wanted!" Said New care likely includes new obesity cures, new cancer cures, new breathing problem cures, Multiple Sclerosis Cures, (Which some people anyone can think of--oppose in preference to hoarding their money instead!)! A lot of new cures are likely included that no one even knew existed! Ryan would not cover those, apparently.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (So faced with a Need of A Giant Stimulus Spending Plan--Then the Democrats moved in to contain the exploding costs of a certain, profiteering sector! Can anyone guess which one that would be(?)?!)

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