A young man who grew up the hard way

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    Hogans Heros used many immigrant actors. Mostly German refugees. Werner Klemperer, as Col Klink came in 1935 as his parents saw the writing on the wall early and. John Banner, who played Sgt Shultz, was from Vienna. He was not so lucky. He is the only survivor of his extended family.

    Robert Clary, who played leBeu grew up in Paris. In 1942 his family was rounded up. Only Clary and one sister survived.

    Kent State made a long movie with Clary about his time growing up. He grew up in the Paris Ghetto, and the first part is him describing his childhood and his neighborhood, and includes a brief tour of the part of town where he grew up.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64LGM9JxgVI&feature=related"]Things are different from when I was a young un[/ame]

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