A thinko-piece for those wondering why Jews do better

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    More specifically, a call for economists to more formally study this question.

    Some of you might find this amusing. Among other things it suggests that FAMILY VALUES (the ethnic family values to be more precise) are probably a bit part of that.


    Up from the Shtetl

    Forced by racist laws and cultures to find new markets and business models

    Already thinking like internationalists rather than parochialists

    Given by culturation to respect education and deferred gratification

    They were both prepared for, and channeled into the SERVICE Economy which has been replacing and dominating economic activity since the dawn of the Industrial revolution

    Now, I recognize that the above is a simply explanation and needs additional formal economic study.

    Likewise, I accept that the above sinmple explanations also won't suit those whose presuppositions about Jews are based on a kneejerking hatred for that tribe

    However, those of us not given to ethnic conceits and prejudices will recognize that much of what the JEWS were FORCED by history to learn, coupled with that cultures propensity to seek education, will see that the JEWISH ETHNIC of the emerging industrializiong Europe and the West was already the IDEAL preparation to take advantage of the CHANGING conditions in economics and the business models that served the emerging MODERN POST INDUSTRIAL ECONOMY.

    Oh yeah, one more point for those of you given to reading books like the BELL CURVE?

    The fact that statistically Jews average about 15 IQ points higher than the median are likely to have something to do with this outcome in the last 150 years.


    one can assume that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion explains it all.

    Take your pick, folks.

    You can choose to study history and consider the logic implications of it, or you can join our resident NAZIs who are more satisfied with a conspiracy theory.
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    Who, on this board, has slaughtered millions of people?

    I would have thought you were intelligent enough not to make such a pathetic and insulting comparison. We have no Nazis on this board. No matter how much certain posters may wish we did.
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    Jewish Nobel Prize Winners
    Chemistry: 20% of world total; 28% of US total
    Economics: 42% of world total; 56% of US total
    Literature: 12% of world total; 27% of US total
    Physics: 25% of world total; 36% of US total
    Medicine: 27% of world total; 40% of US total

    Jewish Pulitzer Prize Winners
    Fiction: 14% of all recipients
    Poetry: 20% of recipients
    Non-Fiction: 51% of recipients
    Drama: 34% of recipients

    Jewish Academy Award Winners
    Best Original Song: 51% of recipients
    Best Musical Scoring of A Motion Picture: 50% of total
    Best Musical Production: 64% of recipients

    Jewish Tony Award Winners
    Best Play: 44% of recipients
    Best Book: 53% of recipients
    Original Screenplay: 36% of recipients

    Kyoto Prize Winners
    Jews 25% of all recipients

    US National Medal Of Science
    Jews 38% of all recipients

    Lasker Award In Medical Research
    Jews 33% of recipients

    Gairdner Foundation Award
    Jews 27% of recipients

    Alfred Sloan Prize For Cancer Research
    Jews 35% of recipients

    Priestly Medal
    Jews 22% of all recipients

    Welch Award In Chemistry
    30% of all recipients

    Cope Award In Chemistry
    Jews 27% of all recipients

    Debye Award In Chemistry
    Jews 24% of all recipients

    IEEE Award In Information Theory
    Jews 37% of all recipients

    von Neumann Mathematics Theory Award
    Jews 40% of all recipients

    Clark Medal In Economics
    Jews 65% of all recipients

    Fields Medal In Mathematics
    Jews 27% of recipients

    Wolf Prize In Mathematics
    Jews: 38% of recipients

    Steele Prize for Lifetime Achievement
    Jews: 58% of recipients

    Bocher Memorial Prize In Mathematics
    Jews: 45% of recipients

    Cole Prize In Mathematics
    Jews: 46% of recipients

    Jews Profiled In 20th Century Thinkers: 30% of those profiled

    Enrico Fermi Award
    Jews 52% of all recipients

    Atoms For Peace Award
    Jews 52% of recipients

    Dirac Medal
    Jews 37% of recipients

    100 Most Psychologists of 20th Century
    Jews 39% of total
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    Why should we have to do that?

    Our two choices are: Jews are super-humans, or Jews are super-evil...

    What if there are elements of both involved?

    Psychology prof Kevin MacDonald describes Jews as an evolutionarily-forged group that has remained separate from the rest of us and finds itself competing for power and resources from that footing. High IQ's are certainly a part of it, but so is a willingness to favor the in-group and disregard the welfare of the out-group.

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