A Tale of Accessories: Classicism?

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    This fortune-pensive vignette I spun was inspired by the story of Moll Flanders (presented by Daniel Defoe as well as in a film starring Morgan Freeman).

    How can we coordinate old-world humility-storytelling with new world anxieties about capitalism/consumerism-related profiteerism/piracy?

    This vignette was also inspired by the controversial desperation-themed Ken Russell film Whore.

    Russell also directed the films Tommy, Valentino, and The Music Lovers.



    Evelyn was heavily abused by her father-in-law, a merchant sailor in old England. Evelyn's husband Thomas was very meek but very hopeful of trying to lift her spirits and get her away from the terrible influence of his cruel father. Evelyn carried a special handkerchief her grandmother gave her, and she believed it brought her luck, so she believed it to be magical.


    After Thomas died in a freak accident, Evelyn was left under the influence of her cruel father-in-law who proceeded to rape her and continued to beat her now that Thomas gone. Evelyn ran away devastated and turned to a life on the streets of London, at first as a flower-girl and then as a prostitute (when she was desperate). After some difficult years during which she was beaten by her pimp, Evelyn met a nice nobleman, an African named Othello who agreed to take her in and give her a substantial life of sanity and comfort. Othello's son Iain was a mulatto and an aspiring knight.


    Iain was transfixed by Evelyn's magical and precious handkerchief which she kept with her after so many years and bitter struggles in life. He would persistently ask her about it and why it brought her great joy. Evelyn immediately realized Iain was a knight of great imagination and yearning for chivalry. She decided to ask Iain to promise her that if he ever found a lovely woman to marry that he would gift his wife a handkerchief and himself remember Evelyn's handkerchief. Iain was thrilled with this 'chivalry dare' and accepted the honorable request. Evelyn thought to herself, "Maybe life's unnatural lust and natural piracy are somehow tempered by the noble thoughts of pensive human beings in the contemplation of friendship!" Iain realized that his promise could never be destabilized by any force of profiteerism...



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