A Suggestion for better access to members Albums

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by American Horse, Sep 12, 2009.

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    I post this under General Discussion rather than "Photography and Imaging", because I think there would be more interest in photography and albums if this suggestion was adopted, and would be an improvement in the forum and community, generally speaking.

    I was at another forum for a while which had a nice set-up (they've changed it now) where, on the right hand panel next to the posting "page," there was an ever changing "random thumbnail" pulled from someone's album. The thumbnail changed automatically each time the page was “refreshed”, like a mini screen-saver.

    It was great for finding out which members had albums, because there was always something queuing up in that small section of the screen to attract the eye’s attention.

    Any viewer could change or update the thumbnail (get the next one to queue up) just by "refreshing." By clicking on the thumbnail you could go into that person’s album to see what else was there.

    I think it's a good suggeston because, as far as I know, right now there is no good way of finding out who has albums other than by visiting their profile. It would also be good for a sense of community, because it would give members a chance to see what others are dong with pictures or their favorite images in their albums. These images would only be drawn from their public, not their private albums. It would promote promote photography and imaging. It would bring down some of the barriars to understanding that finding common interests foster.

    This random single "thumbnail” would be placed along the right hand side somewhere in between the advertisements that appear there now. It would be small, and sandwiched in so as to not to take up much space there. It would even serve as an attraction to the commercial area, because of the interest it would generate. My own interest might be unusual, but I remember, it always attracted my eye, and it was a good relief for the boredom that comes from seeing no changes happening in topics.

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