A special meeting between an American girl and K-pop group, Shinee

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    Donica Sterling who loved K-pop arrived in South Korea to meet with her favourite stars. Donica Sterling is reportedly suffering from an incurable disease, which contracts her muscles, and is currently bound on a wheelchair. She told that K-pop groups have become her source of strength during her illness.
    SM Entertainment invited her to meet Shinee in person. However, she became very shy and was unable to see the K-pop group in the eyes. Donica's grandmother showed tears of gratitude that Shinee gave Donica an experience and memory that she will never forget.
    Music is often called the global common language, allowing people with different backgrounds and culture to communicate. We hope that the power of music can give hope and strength to Donica Sterling, and we support her courage.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rHQkChYDcI]Donica Sterling, FIGHTING! - YouTube[/ame]

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