A must read - Pharma and the rest of us

Discussion in 'Politics' started by swizzlee, Jun 9, 2012.

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    I had read about this shortly after it happened but without the ugly details. I am also aware that Pharma paid for this, not out of their profits, but by raising their prices by 8%. The cost of my Crestor doubled.

    Let us all remember that Obama's oft stated goal with HC was to BRING THE COST DOWN.

    I am slack-jawed with disbelief at the utter idiocy of Pfeiffer's remark. Is he not saying that Pharma is just too powerful therefore we, in order to work with them, were forced to give away the ranch in order to reach a "compromise"? And what does this say about the politicians of both parties who preceded Obama?

    Good God, spare me the bullshit. Is there anyone in government these days who has the balls to remember they work for the people?

    NYT: Drug industry pushed Obama on health law - politics - The New York Times - msnbc.com

    This is not just about Obama or the Democrats. This situation didn't evolve all by itself or thru one party only. Remember that if the Supremes overturn HC, we start anew. Will this article give you a new perspective on how some aspects should be dealt with?

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