A Look At The War That Russia Is Fighting That No One Is Noticing

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    by War News Updates Editor @ War News Updates: A Look At The War That Russia Is Fighting That No One Is Noticing

    The Russians Are Waging A Counter-Insurgency Battle That No One Is Talking About -- Business Insider/Central Eurasia Standard

    While everyone in the States was busy thinking about/ignoring the debates, a Russian Anti-Terrorism force launched an operation that resulted in 49 militants killed and 219 people taken into custody.

    As Central Eurasia Standard has previously reported, the Northern Caucasus are seething. Militants have attacked police stations, checkpoints, hospitals, and energy infrastructure. Suicide bombs are frequently detonated, and the conflict is spilling over into previously stable regions.

    Read more … The Russians Are Waging A Counter-Insurgency Battle That No One Is Talking About - Business Insider

    My Comment: This war .... and it is a war .... is (fortunately) being covered extensively within Russia itself (through new media). But aside from this coverage .... it is true .... no one else is paying attention to what has increasingly become a bloody and violent insurgency. My prediction .... international news coverage of this conflict will only start when the Sochi Winter Olympics are a few months away from opening .... especially since Muslim rebels have already stated that these Olympics will be a prime target.

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    The reasons "the world" (US + its vassals) are paying "0" attention to what is going on in some parts of Russia is thus:

    1. "the world" is too busy with its MEastern targets at present;
    2. the so called "Muslim rebels" are the very same "rebels" that are supported by US, UK, France, Qatar, SA and Turkey through whose territory "rebels" get into Georgia and from Georgia -- into Russian Caucasus. There is no need for the "civilised world" to draw unnecessary attention to them yet.
    3. US, UK, etc. are waiting for radical Islam to take stronger hold in Russia before declaring alien to Russian Muslims radical sects "freedom fighters who call for civilised world for help".
    As it is now, Russia is fighting back...

    Northern Caucasus has been a war zone more or less since Yeltsun. Kadurov managed to stomp out terrorist cells in Chechnya, but they moved into Dagestan; and now they are trying to infest Ingushetia...

    From my posts in "Russia" thread:
    "In a coming confrontation with Russia, US views Georgia in the same light it views Turkey in US confrontation with Syria -- a platsdarm and a cannon fodder. International brigades of "revolutionaries" are already moving through Turkey into Georgia in preparation for their transfer onto the territory of Russian Caucasus.

    This situation alarms many ethnic minorities living in Georgia along Russian border. A month ago Hazri Aldamov -- an informal leader of Chechens living in Georgia made a point of publicly announcing, that Saakashvili is a true enemy of both Russia and Chechnya."

    "Between 28 of August and the first of September Georgian security forces liquidated a terrorist group comprised of 11 Chechens and three Georgians just before it was about to cross into the territory of the Russian Federation.

    On a territory of Georgia (it's a country in Caucasus, btw) in Pankisi gorge functions a terrorist training camp that provides "freedom fighters" for all the "hot spots", but is specialises on Russia.

    The said terrorist group was supposed to cross into Russia as part of the campaign for destabilisation of Russian Caucasus. But just before the operation, Georgians became aware of the fact that Russian forces know about it and are waiting for it on the border. Georgians had to abort the operation, but Chechen members of the group refused to obey the orders leaving Georgian government no option, but to liquidate the group, including its Georgian members.

    Among those killed there is a body-guad to Zakhaev -- a leader of Chechen terrorists responsible (among other things) for the murder of hundreds of children in Beslan school; Zakhaev currently lives in London."

    "Yesterday in Dagestan (Russian Federation) terrorists murdered one of the most authoritative and consistent opponents of Wahhabism in the Caucasus...

    Yesterday Russia suffered a very heavy defeat, and this must be recognized. The trend is clear - after a double bombing in Tatarstan and yesterday's terrorist attack in Dagestan one can say that an era of hunting down leaders of traditional Islam in our country has begun.

    In fact, it is a special operation to eliminate Islamic leaders who resist the spread of Wahhabism in Russia...

    It is a declaration of war - we can either accept it or raise our hands in surrender. To pretend that all is well apart from some minor problems is no longer an option. there is a pressing need to quickly and decisively create a list of banned Islamist organizations; create special structures to deal with them: to close every single school, religious institutions, and to expel foreign missionaries who plant their "pure" foreign Islam, to mercilessly punish all government officials and business who collaborate with these people and organizations.

    from el-murid"
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