A Jobs Speech about No Jobs

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    When Mr. Obama entered office; he told us unemployment would not rise over 8% if we passed his stimulus. Now his economic advisers have just told us that unemployment will not fall below the 9% mark through next year. As if to underscore the grim news, the latest jobs report—released in time for Labor Day weekend—shows zero net job growth for August. -- WILLIAM MCGURN

    After 2 ½ years of spending over a trillion dollars of taxpayers money on road, bridge and bailout projects and after spending seven million dollars of taxpayer’s money on road signs tomorrow night the president will ask Congress for another stimulus package for 300 Billion dollars more spending on road and bridge projects.

    This will be the most ridiculous speech of this president’s short career. It is an obvious campaign effort to show Independents that he is at least trying to create jobs thereby,suggesting that he is deserving of their vote in 2012. But, it won't work. Unless of course Independents are weak minded and susceptible to Democrat Jedi mind tricks. And I don’t think they are. Everything that the president will propose tonight he has already proposed and it has already failed. (see2:46min video) Read more...Creating Orwellian Worldview

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