A Good Book To Read In Honor of Veteran's Day

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    I have been very engrossed in a book I received from the Marin Public Library. "A-Train Memoirs of A Tuskegee Airman" The book is the autobiography of United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Charles W. Dryden (retired).

    Colonel Dryden was one of the original "Tuskegee Airman". A pilot training program started by the United States Army Air Corps (fore runner of the United States Air Force) during World War II. Prior to this program, African-American's were not allowed to fly and served in what could best be called menial tasks.

    The 99th Pursuit Squadron (Seperate/Segregated) became known as the "Red Tails", due to the distinctive Red paint on the vertical stablizer of the P-51's they flew. The 99th. became the first Fighter Squadron to never any bomber's under their escort to German Luftwaffe attack. Bombers was be lost to enemy anti-aircraft fire. Mechanical/Engine Failure and a host of other combat related causes. But no bomber escorted by the 99th. was ever shot down by German Fighter Aircraft.

    At home, these same pilots of the U.S. Army Air Corps faced brutal and often very life threatening bigotry. They had to watch, as German Prisoners of War were allowed to be seated in Diners while they had to take their meals from the back door of same eating establishment.

    These men showed the meaning of honor and courage. They saved the lives of countless aircrews.

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