A Giant Step in the Right Direction

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    In the past two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, both Sudan and South Sudan finally ratified the cooperation agreement between the two countries signed in Addis Ababa earlier this month.

    Despite the fact that some in both countries have expressed skepticism over the agreement, the parliaments in both countries have ratified the agreement—to no one’s surprise—with an overwhelming majority. This indicates that the lawmakers in both countries believe peace will pave the way for their common interests to be realised.

    Members of Parliament in both countries should be congratulated on their timely achievement which was meant for the good of the peoples in Sudan and South Sudan.

    It is highly important to commend and hail the relentless dedication and commitment of AUHIP, headed by former South African President Thabo Mbeki. AUHIP showed confidence and patience in trying to find African solutions to African problems.

    African countries should follow in the footsteps of AUHIP and set it as a model for conflict resolution, all the while believing that making peace from within can be difficult but not impossible.

    The people of Sudan and South Sudan have struggled for so long to achieve peace. Their attempts have finally resulted in the secession and independence of South Sudan. Since its birth, the Sudanese of all walks of life accepted the choice of the South Sudanese to have their own independent country. It was, needless to say, President Al Bashir’s role to declare South Sudan a state, and Sudan was the first country to formally recognise South Sudan as an independent state.

    From that point onward, the two countries admitted that peace-building should be their first priority. Several times down the road, matters escalated between the two countries almost to full-scale war, but it was thankfully averted.

    Full-scale war can prove to be disastrous, not only for Sudan and South Sudan but also for the entire region. Gratitude is due to the late Ethiopian President Meles Zenawi, the Chairperson of the African Union Commission Jean Ping, and AUHIP for diffusing the tensions between the two countries.

    The agreement should be set as a roadmap for the two parties to follow. If they commit themselves to implementing it with strong resolve, it will pave the way for solving the outstanding issues, such as Abyei and border demarcation.

    Making peace is never a smooth or easy task; on the contrary, it is arduous and requires willingness, flexibility, and utmost prioritisation. It must never be hindered or met with difficulties.

    Implementing the agreement is a task that in which everyone should take part, including politicians, ruling and opposition parties, press and media, and the committees in charge of implementing the agreement in both countries.

    The peoples of both countries are well aware that the final ideal state of things will be for them to peacefully co-exist. As President Salva Kiir stated in one of his speeches, "If South Sudan seceded, it will continue to be in the same place, a neighbouring country to Sudan."
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    Rather reminds me of the break up of Czechoslovokia.

    Done without bloodshed or hard feelings.

    Good for them.

    Very sensible
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    Any progress is good news. It sure would be nice to see all the fighting stop, for a change.

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