A "FAIR" tax; And how Obama can employ every out of work American

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    First, the hiring: So....time for Obama to hire 30 million people and print the money to pay them 30,000 a year each?

    Lets see.......hire 30,000,000 people. Pay each 30,000 a year. So thats $900,000,000,000.

    What? $900 billion??? Obama already grew the debt $4 trillion??? So, LITERALLY, if Obama had hired all 30,000,000 unemployed people in America for 4 years at $30K a year, thats what we would've spent roughly.

    NEXT: A fair tax. The "Debt Reduction Tax".

    EVERY American, all 300,000,000, each and every American citizen, owes $1,000 per year to the federal debt.

    Thats 300,000,000,000. Yep. $300 billion a year they take in for the debt. Thats almost 1 trillion ever 3 years. In 12 years, we'll have 4 trillion paid off the debt. In 24 years, we'll have it over half paid off.

    FAIR as FAIR gets right?

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