A Democrat Goes into a Psychiatrist’s Office

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    yaa but, whatever you do, don't call the DNC fearmongers.:eusa_whistle:

    Democrats can’t run on their records, so they accuse Republicans of extremism.

    Come in. Make yourself comfortable. What’s that? You’re a congressional Democrat? You voted to triple the national debt; destroy a health-care system that an overwhelming majority of Americans were happy with in a way that creates a massive and infinitely complex new entitlement; bail out the banks and auto companies; and “stimulate” the economy with an $862 billion boondoggle that hasn’t created a single private-sector job? Your president is suing the state of Arizona for having the effrontery to enforce a law he wishes not to enforce (though he does have the constitutional responsibility to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed”)? The war in Afghanistan is not going well? The president’s approval ratings are under water? Congress’s approval ratings are running even with Mel Gibson’s? Naturally you’re upset.

    Relax. Here, wipe your tears. The wizards at the Democratic National Committee have the answer. The strategy is one you may remember from past campaigns. They call it the Great Smoke Blower. Jimmy Carter used it against Reagan in 1980. When things are objectively bad and you can’t run on your record, you accuse the Republicans of extremism. Remember? In 1980, inflation was running at 14 percent. Interest rates were about 15 percent. American hostages were paraded on Iranian television. The economy was febrile. What did the Democrats do? They accused Reagan of being a warmonger. They said he would divide North from South, white from black, union from management, Christian from Jew. They said he would plunge the world into nuclear Armageddon. It was a reprise of the anti-Goldwater effort of 1964.

    The newest ad from the DNC seeks to link the Republican party with the tea party. Flashing faces on the screen: now Rand Paul, now Paul Ryan, now Sharron Angle, now John Boehner — all distinctions are blurred. Then they present the “Republican Tea Party Contract on America,” with ten items. These, they expect, will frighten the heck out of John Q. Public:

    read it all here.
    A Democrat Goes into a Psychiatrist’s Office - Mona Charen - National Review Online

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