A courtroom reveal that exposed denials and led to an $810,000 payout

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    It's a dramatic courtroom twist that wouldn't have been out of place in an episode of Law and Order.

    And it happened in the middle of a recent defamation trial in the Supreme Court in Melbourne during a showdown between a former One Nation candidate and the board of a powerful gun lobby group.

    The case hinged on the plaintiffs — the board and chief executive of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia's Victorian branch — proving that Karel Zegers, who had lost his spot as president a few years earlier, was the author of several emails they said defamed them.

    The emails, sent from two anonymous addresses, contained serious slurs against the board and its chief executive Jack Wegman, a former Army Reserve captain and Camberwell Grammar School foundation member.

    The poison pen author wrote in emails to 4000 addresses — mostly association members — in the lead-up to a 2014 election that members of the board were deceptive, had gagged members and were hiding “financial disasters”.

    It was day three of the trial earlier this year and, at that point, the plaintiffs were arguing Mr Zegers must have been behind the emails because the writing style, the grammar and the spelling mistakes matched his.
    A courtroom reveal that exposed denials and led to an $810,000 payout

    Bam! It's over lil' Buckaroo.

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