A couple of sex jokes

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    Harry was an octogenarian who lived in the Golden Valley nursing home. Now Harry had been an athlete in his younger days and still took care of himself. Plus, even at age 82, he was still attractive and distinguished looking. Needless to say, Harry was popular with the ladies in the nursing home.

    Emma had been flirting and scheming to get a date with Harry for weeks. When they finally went out together, Emma had a great time. Harry was a good dancer, carried on an interesting conversation and besides, he was still pretty good looking.

    One thing led to another and Harry and Emma ended up in a motel room.

    Afterwards, while showering, Harry thought "Man, had I known she was still a virgin, I would have been more gentle."

    Emma, sitting on the bed putting on her shoes was thinking "Man, had I known he could still do it, I would have taken off my panty hose!".


    Q. Why don't women blink during foreplay?

    A. There isn't time.

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