A Century In The Making

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    John Boehner seems to think conservative voters love Republicans but not Mitt Romney:

    July 7, 2012 2:57 PM
    Boehner: I can't make you love Mitt Romney

    Boehner: I can't make you love Mitt Romney - Political Hotsheet - CBS News

    What the hell makes any Republican in Congress think they are loved just because they say things conservatives want to hear about jobs? Aside from the blah, blah, blah about the economy, Republican rhetoric about repealing Hillarycare II falls short of the mark; more so since Chief Justice Roberts said taxation could be used to force the American people to behave in a certain way.

    Make no mistake it, reaffirming the government’s Right to dictate the behavior of law-abiding citizens is exactly what Roberts’ opinion was all about, yet not one Republican is talking about a permanent prohibition against that abusive misuse of taxation. Hell, Republicans are even lying about the taxes in the Affordable Care Act:

    Health law mandate isn’t ‘largest tax,’ despite GOP claims
    By Russell Berman - 07/08/12 03:00 PM ET

    Healthcare law's mandate isn

    The best thing that can be said about Republicans zeroing in on the mandate is that it is a weak campaign strategy. The worst thing is: Republicans talk about the mandate in terms of taxation only. They should be emphasizing the tyranny the mandate protects.

    NOTE: Lest anyone think I’m promoting Democrats, I should not have to remind readers that Democrats are the ones who do the taxing. Republicans simply lack the guts to do what it takes to stop the march toward a full-fledged collectivist society. More than likely, Republicans believe they can profit from socialism without upsetting the applecart, or losing everything that counts. Upholding Hillarycare II should have been a wake-up call. Campaign rhetoric to date tells me it wasn’t.

    A century in the making

    If you start the clock in 1913 (the XVI & XVII Amendments) 2012 is close enough to call it a century dedicated to making Americans believe they are constitutionally obligated to do as they are told for their own good. Neither Democrat nor establishment Republican is willing to surrender the federal government’s hard-won victories to the forces of individual liberty.

    More importantly, it will only take one successful assault on the government’s Right to dictate behavior to expose the media’s hand in bringing the country to the brink of disaster. I firmly believe the government fears the loss of those gains the Ministry of Propaganda (FCC) achieved more than it fears reversal-legislation or the American people. I’m talking about the trust it took to convince Americans they must obey the government in all things irrespective of which political party is in charge.

    Finally, conservative journalists defending Roberts’ without addressing the underlying tyranny in his decision should tell everyone who MSM journalists work for. Attacking oppressive taxation is safe and easy. Attacking the government’s “Right” to dictate behavior requires a rock solid love of liberty combined with an unshakable hatred of do-gooders. Two qualities noticeably lacking in the mainstream media.

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