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    ..so I was doing what I normally do, reading a bunch of worthless sht on the internet...

    I said "man, this story sounds familiar"

    The Hattian people lived in the 'Turkey' area before the (indo European) Hittites.
    They spoke a language isolate. According to Egyptian depictions, they looked different from Hittites.
    The Hittites took their city and adopted the city name.
    Hattians worshiped a storm god named Taru.
    If you look up Taru , it redirects you to Teshub , the Hittite version of the same god.
    They say Teshub is holding an axe and a lightning bolt and he fought a sea dragon (eel)

    Taru and Teshub are connected to a bull (maybe Sacred Bull)
    Maybe constellation Taurus.
    When you cross into Europe you cross the Taurus mountains , known for many bull alters and thunder.

    This story is way too similar to the story of Thor, depicted with a hammer and lighting , fighting the serpent.

    I looked for a Swedish word for bull, and what did I find? ..."tjur"
    I found one website selling a Thor trinket who says Thor used to be depicted as a bull.

    It's also interesting to note, Luwians from the same area used to call Teshub (DEUS)TONITRUS.
    Deus (maybe "bringer of light") being very similar to the name of the storm god Zeus , one of the only Greek gods said to be adopted from other cultures.

    Another note, if you believe the Table of Nations, Noah's son Japheth was the father of indo European peoples, and he had a son named Tiras.

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