A bump in the road or a prison wall around the White House?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Grampa Murked U, Jun 13, 2011.

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    How long will it be before Obama goes beyond the walls of the White House to see that this isnt a bump in the road to recovery, but a real problem businesses have with the policies that he has and continues to push forward?

    We are not encountering a bump in the road but a wall between Obama and reality. He wants to offer things like tax credits and one time freezes that offer no future stability which is what businesses need to feel safe investing in growing their businesses.

    He and Bush bailed out the banks though right?! Well the banks they bailed out are not the banks that loan money to small businesses. The mom and pop banks do that and mom and pop banks arent lending either.

    One of the businesses he bragged about saving was supposed to support the surrounding community yet the restaurant next door went out of business after being there for decades.
    Will he ever realize that devaluing the dollar by throwing it around is part of the problem?

    Hell Germany just lowered us from AAA to AA for lending. Even China is scolding us. Stop already! Its time to try something new...

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