91% of Federal Revenues because of capitalism Obama wants to destroy!

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    Source of Federal Revenue..
    The table below lists the revenues of the U.S. federal government for fiscal 2010.
    All amounts are in billions of dollars.

    • $895 42% Personal income tax
    • 865 40% Social security tax
    • 191 9% Corporate income tax
    • 67 3% Excise taxes
    • 135 6% Other
    • $2,163 100% Total
    The Joy of Economics

    SO tell me Obama supporters/OWS/progressives/communists/socialists..

    If 91% of the FEDERAL revenues comes from salaries/payments to social security and
    corporate taxes.. that come from primarily businesses that generate profits that come from revenues generated by people buying goods and services..
    HOW would the Federal Government survive WITHOUT for profit businesses?

    Really..where would the 91% of revenues come from??
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