7th Fleet commandship, USS Blue Ridge visits Korean navy's First fleet

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    7th Fleet's commandship, USS Blue Ridge visited Korean Navy's First Fleet after participating in the ROK-US Combined forces military exercise. USS Blue Ridge soldiers visited the Donghae(East Sea) emphasize the continued cooperation between the US and The ROK. Blue Ridge Soldiers are scheduled to exchange and experience the culture and history of their allied nations, which broadens the sailors' perspectives. In a 4 day schedule, sailors went on sightseeing tours, participated in community service events with their ROK navy partners, built friendships while attending a cultural art performance and participated in a Korean cultural-heritage tour. The US sailors visited Chon'gok cave, Mooreung valley, Jeongdongjin Security Pavillion, Sokcho Cith museum, Sorak Mountain, and participated in community service for the disabled and elderly by providing haircuts, washing clothes, cleaning, and bathing. The Korean soldiers of First Fleet provided "Art Chamber Orchestra, samulnori, Taekwondo demonstration, and fusion variety performances for the Seventh Fleet sailors. The port visit was an unique occasion and opportunity for sailors of both countires to meet each other and build stronger relationships as allies, and confirm the continued cooperation between the US and the ROK.


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