30 Billion Barrels Oil Produced in Year 2010

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    Worldwide oil production for year 2010 was 30 billions barrels.

    Some 7 billion tonnes of coal is produced worldwide per year which is equal to weight of 14,000 world trade center buildings (9/11).

    World Annual Oil Production (1900-2009) and Peak Oil (2010)

    coal mining, coal production - World Coal Association

    There are 1,400 Giant Boeing 747 planes flying all over the world and a 747 plane burns some 65,000 gallons fuel everyday.

    My calculations says 19 Billion barrels oil is consumed every year by planes, ships, boats/yachts. This includes military and commercial planes and ships.

    Experts say there will be 1 billion automobiles/vehicles in the world by year 2020.

    Only 2 billion bushels of corn are being exported, and 5 billion being burned. There is enough corn being burned in the US to feed 1 Billion people every year.

    And burning ethanol is for what exactly? For each gallon of ethanol produced, one gallon of petroleum is consumed for distillation, transport, fertilizer, etc.

    Field corn has 2400 calories per pound. 58 lbs per bushel = 139,200 cal per bushel. 2000 cal per day required per person.

    1 bushel feeds one person for 70 days. need 5.2 bushels per year per person

    USDA estimates for the marketing year of 2010-2011, 4.9 billion bushels of corn will be used for ethanol production

    4.9 billion/5.2 = 942,307,692 people.

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