3 Shia’s lawyers killed by Wahabi terroritis & City Police totally failed to protect

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    3 Shia’s lawyers killed by Wahabi terroritis & City Police totally failed to protect common people life’s

    When I heard news regarding 3 Shia Community lawyers (Shakeel Jafri, Kafil Jafri and Badar Munir ) were killed when The police sources identified the dead as Shakeel Jafri, Kafil Jafri and Badar Munir whereas Babar Ali, also a lawyer, sustained injuries.All victims, including father and son, belonged to shia community. The Shia Ulema Council has announced three-day mourning including strike on Thursday.Four gunmen, riding two motorcycles, opened fire on Lawyers’ car when they were going back home from City Court in Arambagh area.

    More interesting to share when I am watching GEO news they informed to entire nation that police mobile is available when the Yazadi character lovers and blindly follow them to catch or chase the killers bike but they starting Ariel firing and give full support and protection to killers to move their shelter home before anyone caught them, I demand from Governor of Sind, IG Sind Police and Home Department Minister if they dismissed the concern responsible of ARAM BAG police station for showing negligence but my demand to put him behind the bars and asked question their police officials do not chase the killers? Or they are working on pre-plan schedule programmed but on return of this evil service what reward they got? ( reserved Hell for themselves even they are not killer but whole heartily support and give protection to killers even they are performing duty same place but waste the golden opportunity.

    Lashkar jhangvi, sipah-e-sahaba (particularly our worst enemy, Shay tan.) are busy destabilising Pakistan and open enemies of not Shia’s but entire Pakistan because they killed many innocents who are not from Shia’s but our Sunni Muslims also suffers.

    The Shia Ulema Council has announced three-day mourning including strike on Karachi Bar Association also joined Thursday strike and totally condemn the killing and demand to arrest the killers, but in Pakistan Professional killers are always works without any no fear of first punishment and later if caught all evidence and witness available for give example punishment or hanged the killers but sorry to say even their mercy is rejected but in spite no one Wahabi Terrorists yet punished.

    Which Paradise Wahabi Terrorists dream to reach and yet how many reach the heaven after killing innocents Shia’s? Yazadi Murabad and by calling countless time and forever till judgment day? Do you have first courage to escape from DEATH ANGLE? Your proper place to reach HELL and which Islam you follow and who is Wahabi followers ideal and whom they learned to killed innocent than reach Heaven in the simple and short cut way.

    It is completely failure of City Police Department including the Government of Sind. This is test time to catch the killers and expose whose instructions they are killing innocents Shia and hanged them all 4 ( pigs ) in same place?

    Compensate the 3 Shia lawyers who become the victim of terrorists acts by 1.5 Million (Fifteen Lacs Only ) and plus Sind Government responsibility to provide education to their family till Graduation completed and later job in Government department. Listen Shia’s are also God human beings and Not Jewish or American lifes are so important?

    Yours faithfully

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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