3 misconceptions that need to die.

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    A quick pop quiz to test how much you actually know about the economy. Not to worry, it is only 3 questions, and no one is actually going to check your answers, just make a note of them for when you read the article.

    1. What percentage of consumer spending goes to products made in China?
    2. What percentage of out national debt is held by China?
    3. What percentage of our oil comes from the Middle East?

    Now that you have answered the questions here is an article to explain just how wrong you are. I should admit up front that I got 2 of these questions wrong by a significant percentage, and only got the third because I have been arguing for a long time that everyone is wrong about it.

    3 Misconceptions That Need to Die (WMT, X)

    1. 2.7% The fact is that 88.5% of consumer spending goes to American made goods.
    2. 7.8%

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