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    Third Carnival of Cordite
    Here we go, ladies, gentlemen, kids of all ages, and defenseless furry creatures and feathered friends, time once again for The Carnival of Cordite!

    This week promises to be a thrill, with a visit from a very special first-time participant with a very serious post. But first:

    Let's start off with a little reminder about my own most important post this week. In case you missed it earlier, read about my legislation pending in the Oregon House of Representatives.

    And now on to the rest of the Carnival!

    So I started us off with permits. What kind of person needs or wants a permit anyway? What are we, a bunch of dangerous lunatics? Bill Nickless has a different idea:

    So why was I so nervously strapping on heat along an Indiana highway? Me, the son of a minister and nurse, now 33 years old, married, and without so much as a traffic citation in my police record? A computer networking engineer/researcher who works at a government research laboratory?

    Thank you for sharing with us, Bill. And thanks to all the good folks over at Keep and Bear Arms.

    Cowboy Blob has some thoughts on permits of a different sort, the Class III Federal permit. He makes a very important point:

    No crime has been committed by a legally owned Class III weapon in 50 years--except once by a law enforcement officer who didn't have to jump through these hoops. Still think cops should be the only ones with guns?

    To read the rest of Cowboy Blob's post, click on this photo from his website:

    Since I started the ball rolling with permit talk, let's continue on down the slippery slope as Bruce of mASS BACKWARDS reports in on the latest from his home state.

    As frustrated as I get with Oregon, people like Bruce remind me how lucky I am to live here.

    Speaking of Oregon, on a sad note:

    Jerry of Cogito Ergo Geek writes an obituary on the passing of a legend, Oregon's own "General" Michael Robert Jones. Jones, the father of IPSC in Oregon, passed away this January at age 75. Thank you, Jerry, for your touching tribute.

    From the local to the distant: new contributor Captain Oates of Little Man, What Now? joins us from my boyhood home of Great Britain with two posts: reflections on the hunting ban, and news of a would-be "terrorist" in Suffolk.

    I'm glad to see we're being read in places like Great Britain. I can only hope that, as more and more strangers become connected over the internet, people living under oppresive anti-gun, anti-hunting laws can find new networks of support. Even though most Americans probably don't think they will ever be affected by a gun ban overseas, we must remember we are all in this together. This is especially true as our Supreme Court turns ever more to "international law" to "find" the meaning in our Constitution.

    On the topic of our Supremes, Sam of The Ten Ring discusses the issue further:

    But how does this case affect gunnies? Well, if we have a Supreme Court that thinks that International opinion and the UN trump the Constitution and the laws of this nation, how do you think they might decide on a 2nd Amendment case? If International opinion and the UN are anything to go by, then we can kiss our gun freedoms goodbye. The UN has been quite antithetical to the idea that individuals have the right to own firearms. In fact, they hate guns so much, they have a statue right in front of the UN building that is made of melted down guns. I don’t know about you, but I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach knowing that the Supreme Court of the United States thinks that the UN and the International community are good benchmarks for morality.

    Read the whole essay, Our Black Robed Masters.

    It wouldn't be a Carnival of Cordite without a post about a special firearm. This week, Wadcutter supplies us with a whole bunch of gunny goodness:

    That's a Philadelphia .45 Derringer. Wadcutter tells us all about this dandy little gem he put together from a kit:

    If you’ve got the time, the skill, and the tools for such a project, I say give it a go. I know I had fun building and shooting my little derringer.

    It may be bit too difficult of a project for me right now, but hopefully some day down the road I'll have a nice little workshop of my own for work like this!

    And finally, we turn now to the serious side of the Carnival:

    You may have heard in the news recently about a tragic multiple-victim shooting in Tyler, Texas. Two Carnival participants write in this week with their thoughts:

    First, John from Thirty Second Thoughts weighs in:

    I hesitate to use the word "hero" because it is so often used to describe people who really aren't heroic. Sports figures who play children's games for millions of dollars aren't heroes. Neither are sleazy politicians who commit perjury, hide behind semantics, and claim glory for earning a comtempt citation and the loss of their law license. Every once in a while, however, we see an example of real heroism, where someone among us shows tremendous physical and moral courage and risks his life to help others. The firefighters and police of New York City on September 11 who ran to the burning towers come to mind, as do people like the passengers of Flight 93, football player-turned-Army Ranger Pat Tillman and others who have given their all to help make us safer. Mark Wilson is another real hero, and we are diminished by his passing.

    Here's to you, Mark Wilson. You had the courage to try. Rest in Peace.

    John doesn't just praise Wilson, but also has some good analysis of what went down, and what lessons we can learn from it.

    Our final entry this week, also on the topic of the Tyler shooting, comes from none other than the infamous Kim du Toit:

    Mark Wilson of Tyler, Texas laid down his life for another, and he’s a damn hero; if I’m ever in the same situation he was in, I sincerely hope that I would have the courage to do the same as he did; and the hard-earned knowledge to do something he didn’t, so that I would survive.

    Like John above, Kim also offers sage advice for the law-abiding public gun-owners as well. Read his entire essay, Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 2, here.

    Before I wrap up, I just want to thank Kim du Toit especially for taking the time to read my blog and sending an entry to this carnival. He is one of the proverbial "big fish" in the blogosphere, especially in the 2nd Amendment realm; little minnows like me need and appreciate the support of people Kim to grow and bring in new readers. As Kim's readers know, he has had some awful tragedy in his life lately. So let's be sure to all pass along our support to Kim.

    That's the end of this week's Carnival of Cordite. Next week is up in the air: I have to ask if any of you regulars would like to host next Friday, as I have an important project underway that needs my time. If you would like to help, please e-mail. If there are no takers, then the next carnival will be postponed one week. But don't let that stop you from submitting your entries! Send your entries to:

    c a r n i v a l o f c o r d i t e A T h o t m a i l D O T c o m

    And in the meantime, keep your powder dry!

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