2009 Hurricane Prediction

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    In a yawner of a gamble, the experts are saying they simply don't know. They now know that there are a whole bunch of factors and they are really pretty complex and that all of the variables are taken into account and that after a very concentrated period of thoughtful consideration, they don't know.

    It makes one wonder what it cost us to get this valuable bucket of job justification.

    2009 Hurricane Season Outlook - Forecast for 2009 Hurricane Season - thedailygreen.com

    The federal government has predicted a "near normal" hurricane season for the Atlantic, with a 25% chance of above-normal outbreaks and 25% chance of below-normal outbreaks -- though overall, forecasters expressed a greater degree of uncertainty this year than they have in past years. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's predicts a 70% chance of:

    •Named storms: 9-14
    •Hurricanes: 4-7
    •Major hurricanes: 1-3

    Read more: 2009 Hurricane Season Outlook - Forecast for 2009 Hurricane Season - thedailygreen.com
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    Weather can't be accurately predicted more than a couple days out.

    It can be controlled on a day to day basis based on whether or not I leave my truck windows open.

    But it can not be accurately predicted. :cool:
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    Just stand by. Here in a few minutes one of the environmental wacko nuts will get on here and tell us there will be more storms because of the melting polar ice pack or because we have shot too many rockets into space or some other idiotic reason for the many hurricanes we will have this year as a result! Then they will go out to hugs some trees, jack off a few polar bears and save some whales!:lol:

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