2 more illegal gun sellers caught using a snitch, just like all the rest...

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by 2aguy, Oct 20, 2017.

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    A convicted felon was caught selling illegal guns out of a motel room, in Illinois......you can't buy, own or carry a gun if you are a felon in Illinois...yet he was. I bet he didn't go through a background check, I bet he wasn't concerned about magazine limits.....and as a felon....he does not have to register his illegal guns....

    Let me repeat that for the anti gunners out there...as a convicted felon, he does not have to register his illegal guns.....

    And how was this guy caught...did he fail a background check? No. Did his guns get registered and found at a crime scene? No.

    HE was caught using a snitch....just like all the others.....

    Guess what....universal background checks on private sales wouldn't have stopped this guy....

    2 busted for selling guns out of Illinois motel room

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