17 Projects From Iran at World Architecture Festival

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    The world’s largest architectural award program is scheduled to be held this year in Amsterdam. It has attracted more participants this year than ever before, with more than 1,000 entries /projects from 81 countries, among which 17 projects are from Iran in diverse categories, Archdaily.com wrote.

    As in previous years, the event has three main categories: Completed Buildings, Future Projects, and Landscapes (Urban and Rural); the first two are further subdivided into smaller groups.

    Completed Buildings

    Among the projects introduced for the category of Completed Buildings, nine are in Iran, which include the White Gallery in Tehran and Falahatian Yard-House in Isfahan (in culture and house sections respectively), both of which are designed by Shift Process Practice Construction Studio.

    House of Saba in Tehran designed by TDC Architecture Office is in the housing -- small scale section.

    The other Iran-based projects in the category are: Meygoun Residential Complex in Tehran, designed by New Wave Architecture in the housing - large scale section; Ava Center (Tehran) by Fluid Motion Architects in mixed-use section; System Warehouse in Alborz Province designed by Mehran Khoshroo in the production, energy, recycling section; Vali-e-Asr Mosque in Tehran by Fluid Motion Architects in the religion section; Noor-e-Mobin School in Bastam, a city in Semnan Province, work of FEA Studio in school section and Safadasht Dual in Tehran by Next Office in the villa section.
    17 Projects From Iran at World Architecture Festival

    I was going to try to bring some pictures over but that was more trouble than it's worth.
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