12 Days, 3 Networks… ABC, NBC , CBS…and No Mention of ClimateGate Scandal …

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    By Julia A. Seymour
    Business & Media Institute
    12/2/2009 2:01:37 PM

    It’s been nearly two weeks since a scandal shook many people’s faith in the scientists behind global warming alarmism. The scandal forced the University of East Anglia (UK) to divulge that it threw away raw temperature data and prompted the temporary resignation of Phil Jones of the university’s Climate Research Unit.

    Despite that resignation and calls by a U.S. senator to investigate the matter, ABC, CBS and NBC morning and evening news programming has remained silent – not mentioning a word about the scandal since it broke on Nov. 20, even as world leaders including President Barack Obama prepare to meet in Copenhagen, Denmark next week to promote a pact to reduce greenhouse gases.
    Other news outlets, including The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and Associated Press have deemed ClimateGate worthy of reporting, but the networks were too busy reporting on celebrity car accidents and the killer whale that ate a great white shark. Instead of airing a broadcast news segment that might inform the public about the science scandal, both ABC and CBS relegated the story to their Web sites. There was one mention of the scandal on ABC’s Sunday talk show: “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.”

    Patrick J. Michaels, a climatologist and BMI adviser, said Nov. 20 of the leaked e-mails and documents: “This isn’t a smoking gun, it’s a mushroom cloud.”

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    This should demonstrate, in my opinion, that watching ANY of these three bogus networks, NBC, ABC, CBS for ANY news, and the truth along with it, is a grave mistake. I stopped watching all three of them a few years back, and this has just reinforced the fact that my choice was correct. Their collective credibility is ZERO. If their "Cred" used USMB's "REP' System, they would be a line of red blocks.

    Fortunantly there are a few sources left that in my opinion, do not slant, distort, spin and manipulate, the news to their particular political views or agendas, or flat our try to suppress stories that their parties want killed off. Makes one wonder how many others..........well never mind.

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