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    First Energy Corp is named as the source of the blackout. As for the reason....
    "The task force report cites the failure of a FirstEnergy line near Cleveland, follow by problems with two of its other lines, as the "initial events" of the blackout. It said the "company's failure to adequately trim trees along the lines" was the "common cause" for the lines tripping."
    Too bad trimming trees costs money. I hope nobody owns shares of FirstEnergy, I think they are about to go

    The Senate pillow fight over the Energy Bill is getting nasty, seems the energized left is hopping up and down, hooting from the treetops, talking..."filibuster. They want stripped from the bill a provision that protects makers of MTBE from product liability lawsuits arising from the gasoline additive fouling drinking water. "
    and the establishment right, of course, is thick as mud...
    "House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, who had insisted on the MTBE waiver during negotiations over the bill with the Senate, said Tuesday the MTBE liability protection is "vital" to stop lawsuits against a product that was used to meet a government requirement for air quality...( DeLay quote)...In the last few weeks the trial lawyers have been on a rampage, filing suits all over the place"
    "Senate Republican supporters of the bill said they weren't worried about the MTBE issue. They suggested while some Republicans may oppose the bill over MTBE, many more Democrats will vote for the legislation because of what it contains. "
    Am I the only person who feels we're the ones getting shortchanged in this deal? I've never been a registered republican, do they give you guys a "5% discount" gas-card when you make your first $700 contribution or what?
    I'll try to find the Senate roll call vote and post it.
    In other news, Newt Gingrichwas trotting round the capitol in support of the Medicare bill.
    "House GOP leaders brought former Speaker Newt Gingrich to a closed-door meeting of the Republican rank-and-file Wednesday morning to tout the measure's tax-free health savings accounts — an effort to attract skeptical conservatives. Several conservative organizations, including the American Conservative Union and the National Taxpayers Union, said they will oppose the bill. "
    It is touted as having:
    "it would add a prescription drug benefit, with hefty subsidies for low-income seniors. Plus, the legislation would create a new opportunity for insurance companies to offer seniors a choice in their health care. Seniors could remain with the traditional system or enroll in managed care plans, such as preferred provider organizations."
    The Dems seem to be having trouble getting into the spirit of the minority party. Their problem is trying to get them to agree on anything is a little like stuffing cats in a box.
    "Prominent Democrats stepped up their attacks, stressing generous provisions for private insurers and pharmaceutical companies. Dozens of seniors' groups and labor unions also lined up in opposition to the bill. "This is no longer a debate just about including a prescription drug benefit in Medicare," Democratic leader Pelosi said in a speech on the House floor. Officials said that in a private meeting later, Pelosi made a strong plea for Democrats to oppose the measure."
    It's actually a debate about the Democrats forming an effective opposition party. If they can't block the privitization of medicare now they will likely be unable to stop it once it is a going concern. In D.C. money is power, and the Health Insurance industry is about to get a perpetual patient in Uncle Sam...

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