10% Of National Electorate Shifts To Brown, Supports Boxer! (Can Send Money!)

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    The Real Clear Politics website is getting increasing publicity. Maybe soon they will include the following news:

    Brown Leads Whitman—Boxer in Close Race With Fiorina (PPIC Press Release)

    The Democrats are starting to emerge, again, as voting bloc. Independents tend to split evenly. Brown seems to have come off as the winner in the more widely publicized debates and antics. No one called Senator McCain to discern his own anti-Senatorial Opinion of Senator Boxer.

    It is recalled that Senator McCain may actually own a house in California, but he knows nothing about it if he does, or won't admit to any of up to a potential dozen of them.

    That mainly helps to show that hunger is for "them," and not for McCain/Fiorina/Palin, who could clearly care less--and about other people's houses. Understandably, however, their own houses don't seem to be deserving of much attention(?)!

    "Crow, James CrowL Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Holy Mother Of O'Donnel, even: Supports "Free Exercise" of Jihadists to engage in religious behavior--even in the air(?), and in government gathering places! "Gingerbread House" the federal Congress may be less likely to become, after all! Thomas Jefferson and The Framers created a First Amendment Wall. Delaware candidate thinks it mainly there to rock some buildings! "Thomas Jefferson and The Framers," are thought by some people to have finally gone electronic in a musical(?) group!)
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