10 Liberal Warning Signs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by archangel, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. archangel

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    (1) You claim to be a conservative when it comes to personal money...but love to spend others.
    (2) You vote akin to eating Ice Cream...it tastes mighty good...but melts fast.
    (3) You walk your kids on a leash and carry a pooper scooper rather than use diapers(ecology of the tree people)
    (4) You think military service is a college grant program.
    (5) Sex,Drugs and Rock&Roll solve all the worlds problems
    (6) Being Gay is the right to be a happy masturbater.
    (7) Protesting is much better than actually working.
    (8) Freedom of speech is only to be granted to non religious persons.
    (9) The only war that is accepted is the war on getting rid of those pesky babies.(only acceptable killing field)
    (10) Dream of becomming a politician so all of the above can be guaranteed!

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