10 hidden taxes you didn't know you're paying

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    10 hidden taxes you didn't know you're paying - CBS News

    (MoneyWatch) The dreaded "fiscal cliff" could raise taxes for 80 to 90 percent of Americans, if no deal occurs before the end of the year. But with attention focused on the political wrangling in Washington, the American Institute of CPAs is out with 10 common taxes many Americans don't realize they are paying. To help individuals plan for these insidious taxes, the AICPA has also created the Total Tax Insights calculator.

    You have a government out of control, from local fees, sales tax, excise tax, fuel tax, road use tax, rtd tax, property tax, cable tax, Medicare tax, interest tax, assessments, self-employment tax, utility taxes, fed and state income tax, land line phone tax, cell phone tax, cig tax, alcohol tax, License tax ,you take up the ass from the time you wake -up til you turn off the light to go to bed.......soon 75% of your income will go to feed the Obama Fascist regime...wonder how any one can survive.

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