10 Commandments for Judges

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    Ten Commandments for Judges
    By James Atticus Bowden for The Conservative Voice
    Sunday, July 10, 2005

    I. Thou art not God. You don't know when life begins or ends. Don't make up rights to kill humans or kill helpless people yourself, just because you can. The state legislatures decide legal medical procedures by exception.

    II. Thou art not Priest-Kings. Don't tell people when, how, what, or where they can pray. The state legislatures settle how much public prayer, including schools, is appropriate. Quit the cultural cleansing of Christianity.

    III. Thou art not Congress. Don't write laws. Don't order governments to spend money or appropriate taxes. You adjudicate disputes, not create the law of the land.

    IV. Thou art not the President or Governor. Don't write regulations or try to administer government, including school systems. Don't order authorities to do to anything except to carry out the orders they asked you to sign, like search warrants within your narrowly defined, written powers.

    V. Thou shalt not follow foreign laws. Don't ever decide a case based on foreign law, tradition, or public opinion. Being ruled by foreign law is as despicable as by a foreign king.

    VI. Thou shalt not change our Constitution. Never. Don't make up penumbras. Don't change the meaning of the words. Private property is a right. Individual rights aren't group rights. A plaque doesn't establish religion.

    VII. Honor the Family. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Don't pretend you know better than parents.

    VIII. Honor Justice. Don't let the guilty go free because of a technicality. Compensate them in prison for some legal error.

    IX. Honor the Rule of Law. Rule under the Law, not over the Law. Don't let your politics prejudice your rulings. You don't know global warming from evolution, so don't make up science either.

    X. Thou shalt post the real X Commandments. Place the key foundational law of American Civilization in a prominent place inside every courtroom. Look at it often and remember how small you are in power, place and time to the greatest law-giver, God, and to this great Nation of the United States of America.

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