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  1. The Truth about Fracking
  2. U.S. Navy: Seawater to Fuel?
  3. Billions of qubic yards of Methane discovered in Siberia in Soviet Union.
  4. Columbia River gas plant blows up
  5. Russian Focus on the Arctic
  6. Fracking in Nevada
  7. $2.3 Million for a Wind Turbine that Doesn't Work!
  8. Natural Gas: How Much Can We Ask Of “The Bridge Fuel”?
  9. They dyed the Chicago river for St. Patrick day
  10. What the US's carbon fuel addiction is funding
  11. Just because they don't talk abour it anymore
  12. Tax paid subsidies for big oil compaines - OR ?
  13. An American Boom Town
  14. Now You Can Walk Into A Best Buy And Get A Solar System For Your Home
  15. Biomass Power Plants – Energy Source of the Future?
  16. Green Energy failing California despite billions of dollars
  17. Oil majors dumping capital expenditures...
  18. Could infrared be our next renewable energy source?
  19. Fatigue, dizziness, headache, difficulty concentrating, and insomnia.
  20. Why are Republicans so determined to invest in "foreign oil"?
  21. Stanford scientist to unveil 50-state plan to transform US to renewable energy
  22. Exxon CEO Joins Suit Citing Fracking Concerns
  23. Number of U.S. Farms Declines, Farmers Getting Older
  24. Gulf Coast’s industrial boom strains labor pool
  25. Who’s up for an 80 percent spike in electricity prices?
  26. Flaming Water in Texas Around BEFORE Fracking!
  27. First Hyrbid Solar Thermal Power Plant In Florida!!
  28. Wind energy company folds
  29. Simple energy-savings solutions not involving money or change in behaviour
  30. Keystone XL Pipeline
  31. Propane Shortage Emergency
  32. EVs are bad for the environment
  33. Interview With McKubre of SSRI Int. Regarding Brillioune
  34. Mitch McConnell Wants To Use Unprecedented Tactic To Reverse Carbon Pollution Rules
  35. Monitor my energy use?? Fine with me...
  36. Wind farms handed £5 million to switch off turbines as thousands of homes left withou
  37. Rooftop Revolution
  38. Floating Doom Is Upon Us...
  39. Ford's Solar Hybrid
  40. In Texas, Natural Gas and Renewables Expected To Meet Future Energy Needs
  41. Home Electricity Use in US at lowest level since 2001
  42. Anybody stocking up on light bulbs?
  43. The Solar Swindle
  44. Ethanol loses friends and influence as reform movement grows
  45. US EPA Nails Fracker With Record Fine
  46. US to become biggest oil producer before 2020
  47. Asia Global - Energy Dept. Is Told to Stop Collecting Fee for Nuclear Waste Disposal
  48. Fossil Fuels Get Half-A-Trillion-Dollar Christmas Present From Taxpayers
  49. Solar Thermal: Deep Blue NRG Group
  50. Lets Peek In on Wind Production..
  51. Better watch out, better not cry....
  52. Global Enbergy Statistics
  53. Companies can seek government authorization to kill eagles in the interest of green e
  54. Oil Baron Obama
  55. Why New Oil Discoveries won’t Make a Difference to our Energy Future
  56. OU beats OSU causes earthquake
  57. What's a Little Smog going to Hurt?
  58. Who is for/against green living?
  59. ALEC declaring war on energy effeciency...
  60. White House installing solar panels....again
  61. The corperate world moving towards renewable energy news thread
  62. Wind Power Cuts CO2 Emissions Considerably, Even At High Penetration Levels
  63. New Report Says Solar Will Achieve Near-Global Competitiveness With Natural Gas By 20
  64. The Untold Story Of The Dangerous New Experiment Coal Companies Want To Bring To Amer
  65. Energy Independence for the Average Joe
  66. Renewables you support-solar or wind.
  67. Bridge Out: Study Finds Methane Emissions From Natural Gas Production Higher Than EPA
  68. Causes of Bird Mortality
  69. Solar Energy Was America's Sole New Power Source in October
  70. Ontario Cleans Its Hands Of Coal
  71. US oil and gas boom benefits consumers: ABQ Journal
  72. Legislation to End Fossil Fuel Tax Breaks Introduced by Sen. Sanders, Rep. Ellison
  73. What I believe we should do to cut emissions and grow the economy
  74. US oil production
  75. Want some Green Cash?
  76. Gdp ↑ ☞ co2 ↓
  77. Majority of red-state Americans believe climate change is real, study shows
  78. The secret, dirty cost of Obama's green power push
  79. Fossil Fuels Receive $500 Billion A Year In Government Subsidies Worldwide
  80. Myths and Facts about Nuclear Energy
  81. Lets get off of gas, oil and coal!!!!
  82. DOE awards $84M for 18 carbon-capture projects
  83. Renewables now more expensive in Cali.
  84. Shale gas revolution: dark side of the coin.
  85. 74% Of Voters Back EPA Power Plant Emissions Regulation
  86. US ends most financing of overseas coal projects
  87. U.S. coal exports set monthly record
  88. Green Energy = Spreading the wealth
  89. Tesla X, 6000 sold already
  90. Oh noze! The "Carbon Bubble" according to Gore...
  91. End Times
  92. US becoming world's biggest producer gas and oil
  93. Don't Think There's a “War on Coal”? Read this!
  94. When The Power Grid Goes Down – And It Will
  95. EPA's New Restrictions on Coal Plants to Kill Nearly a Million Jobs
  96. Do my eyes deceive me?
  97. GM Scrambling to Get a Competing Product to Tesla
  98. Tesla Stock is SORING!!!
  99. We should switch all engines to diesel
  100. Sen Majority Leader slams rw'ers for obstructing Energy Bill
  101. The Ethanol Debacle
  102. Asia Global Energy - Southeast Asia’s Nuclear Energy Future: Promises and Perils
  103. Model S is the THIRD Best-Selling Luxury Car in California
  104. Epic Ga Tech Welcome Speech
  105. The View from Marcellus
  106. Coal country begs Obama for mercy as hundreds of coal plants ready for closing
  108. Republicans Support Solar… By Putting It On Their Roofs
  109. The Fundamental Limitations of Renewable Energy
  110. TransCanada in pipeline plan from west to east Canada
  111. Fracking Brings Employment And Economic Revival
  112. news in alternatives
  113. Electric Car Sales Double
  114. Obama to Halt Funding for Coal
  115. Gulf rig fire
  116. Air Force considers drilling for oil at Vandenberg
  117. Hey, a Midwest oil pipeline is on the fast-track to approval!
  118. You want lower gas prices?
  119. Growth in renewable energy greater than all others
  120. Keystone pipeline Canada
  121. EPA abandons fracking investigation...
  122. Sharp Jump in US Gasoline Prices Seen Within Days
  123. Trillions of dollars worth of oil found in Australian outback
  124. Separate politics and energy?
  125. Study: Electric cars no greener than gasoline vehicles
  126. EV's Fuel Cost 3 Times Less Than Gas
  127. General energy news
  128. US to open more land for wind, PV
  129. EMW JuiceBox - an Open Source Level 2 EV Charging Station
  130. Obama Nixes Pipeline -
  131. Norway opens Arctic border area to oil drilling
  132. Heather Zichal: Obama’s climate plan to focus on efficiency, renewables and EPA
  133. Trans Canada decides $700,000.00 Keystone safety investment to much
  134. Forecast: Cost Of PV Panels To Drop To $0.36/Watt By 2017
  135. New York’s ‘Food Recycling’ Program Could Be The Future Of Waste And Energy
  136. Sioux propose massive US project
  137. World Wind Turbines To Cross 300,000 Megawatt Mark
  138. Better way to turn ocean into fuel
  139. Recharging your car in twenty minutes
  140. I have a gas/petro question.....
  141. EIA releases new shale oil/gas work
  142. Pandora's Promise
  143. Tea Party Takes on Utility Over Lack of Solar Energy
  144. Conergy Installing Solar at Cost of Conventional Electricity in Spain
  145. Australia plans for 100% renewable energy
  146. What would your energy mix be?
  147. “…as my hopes have flown before...”
  148. Advances in batteries/energy thread
  149. Are shale gas current prices real ?
  150. New all-solid sulfur-based battery outperforms lithium-ion technology
  151. Fukishima Radiation Report
  152. Gas in Michigan now $4.249 a Gallon!! Why??
  153. First US Offshore Wind Turbine Launches in Maine
  154. Celebrating Big Oil!
  155. NY to LA for Free: Tesla Plans Dramatic Expansion of Charger Network
  156. Taking it apart: The US LNG export fight
  157. Wyoming Makes Power Play-2,500 MW
  158. Tesla to release cheap eco car in less than four years
  159. Did you know that the state with the most wind is a republican state!
  160. Russia OKs 6GW renewables plan
  161. Researchers Design a New Low Cost Lithium-Polysulfide Flow Battery
  162. Official: 2013 Nissan Leaf Rated At 115 MPGe, 75 Miles On 90% Charge
  163. US Attains 100,000 Plug-In Vehicle Milestone!
  164. A "Silver" lining?
  165. Tesla Model S Sales Much Higher Than Similarly Priced Cars From Mercedes, BMW, & Audi
  166. Big Oil Investigated for Price Fixing
  167. U.S. Now One Step Closer To Being Net Natural Gas Exporter
  168. California and Energy Use
  169. Solar Power Windows Fast Approaching Commercial Production
  170. Nearly 100% Of New California Electricity To Be Solar In 2H 2013
  171. Tesla Model S: Consumer Reports' best car ever tested
  172. Not sure where to post this, but Shell gas stations making a come back?
  173. Efficiency of Solar vs Coal Power
  174. Encana touts positive results from San Juan Basin oil exploration Company may add thi
  175. Report Confirms Renewable Energy Costs Soar
  176. Shale oil find fuels boom in U.S. business
  177. bio fuels help heal the planet
  178. Biofuels Harm Planet, Cost More, British Group Says
  179. North Dakota Oil Boom
  180. Keystone XL May Create Fewer, More Temporary Jobs
  181. Americans still want cheap oil
  182. As Big Drillers Move In, Safety Goes Up
  183. IMF Wants to Raise Gas Taxes
  184. Better late than never
  185. Do you believe oil is a limited resource?
  186. Industry Touts Major Mancos Shale Play: Estimates point to 6B Barrels of Oil
  187. Yet another solar company go's under...this one in CHINA!
  188. Genie Energy game changer?
  189. wow I am impressed
  190. Natural Gas Doors Open Across Country, NY Watches Through Peephole
  191. Shale Oil & Gas Leases in CA
  192. My initial reaction to this is disgust.
  193. California’s “Green Energy” Completely Fails to Power State
  194. Wow! USA at Night
  195. Keystone pipeline
  196. Close, but no cigar...
  197. Falmouth Mass may dismantle wind turbines due to illnesses
  198. The Ambri battery
  199. 13 year old uses Phylotaxis of Trees & Bio-mimicry
  200. Plasma
  201. Tesla Model S Hits the Roads With Great Success!!!
  202. Another reason Gas prices are increasing
  203. Solar Industry Grapples With Hazardous Wastes
  204. Free-Market Opportunities Propel North Dakota to Top Job Creator
  205. Green Movement Founder Opposes Wind Turbines in His Backyard
  206. Obama Blackouts
  207. Discuss Tesla
  208. Yep, that wind power sure is a great investment.....
  209. Astroturf Gone Wrong: Fake Protesters Offered $20 To Stand At Anti-Wind Energy Rally
  210. Crime, INC: Mafia has ties to renewable energy
  211. Bioluminescence
  212. Nebraska Governor Approves New Keystone Route
  213. Stanford Group Successfully Fabricates ‘Peel and Stick’ Solar Cells
  214. Novel solar cell could break conversion efficiency barrier
  215. New Material Harvests Energy from Water Vapor
  216. Oil Producers To Share Four Corners Data At Conference
  217. Next-Gen 3D 'Sponge' Battery Could Recharge in Minutes, Retain Energy for Days
  218. One man’s trash is another man’s energy
  219. Apple's New Wind Tech Design Generates and Stores Heat
  220. Nations Race to Drill Into Hidden Antarctic Waters
  221. Are Apple and Google in Race for North Carolina's 'Black Gold'?
  222. New World Record Set for Solar Cells: 44% Efficiency
  223. Renewable Energy: Still Breaking Wind
  224. The Myth of Wind and Solar Energy: They Are Not Free
  225. Nanomaterial inspired by nature paves way for greener energy
  226. Flexible Solar Cells Can Stick to Just About Any Surface
  227. Two Advances Point Toward a Cheaper Electric-Car Battery
  228. 1st Ever Floating Wind Turbine In USA Now Being Tested
  229. Governors Take Energy Into Their Own Hands
  230. Brilliant light for developing world is powered by gravity
  231. Breaking Our Dependence On OPEC Oil
  232. MSNBC host: Energy is just too darn cheap
  233. ARPA-E Award: Caltech’s Harry Atwater Aims For 50% Solar Efficiency
  234. Nanostructures triple organic solar cells efficiency
  235. What to do if we run out of oil?
  236. DOE wants 5X battery power boost in 5 years
  237. Trash to Fuel: Micronizer
  238. GE Developing Wind Blades That Could Be The “Fabric” of our Clean Energy Future
  239. Now THIS is an energy bill!
  240. Canada orders automakers to halve emissions
  241. What would have to charge before electric cars become economical?
  242. Solar Furnaces are economical ?
  243. Tesla Model S - Sales Strong, Production Up and Long Waiting List
  244. Nissan revamps Leaf electric car with more cruise range, cheaper model, other perks
  245. BREAKING: Offshore oil rig explodes in Gulf
  246. Report: 59 GW of Coal-Fired Generation Capacity Should Retire; Could Open Door for Re
  247. The Rise and Fall of Stalin's Atlantis
  248. BASF starts electric car battery materials production in Elyria(huge cost reduction)
  249. Still think the US doesn't produce enough oil and natural gas?
  250. A new chapter of solar energy conversion and storage?
  251. Volvo Super Fast Electric Charger Getting Ready
  252. Big Boost For Renewable Energy In Store: ABB Develops “Game Changing” Hybrid HVDC Bre
  253. North Dakota: Prosperity under our feet
  254. Jobs dwindle during green power debate
  255. Biofuel breakthrough: Quick cook method turns algae into oil
  256. First all-carbon solar cell
  257. Stupid Saudis
  258. Electric car range could triple with silicon-graphene breakthrough in lithium batteri
  259. New High-Efficiency Quantum Dot Solar Cells Developed
  260. Another obama green energy failure
  261. Stanford's New Grid-Scale Battery Can Last for 1,000 Charge Cycles Without Degrading
  262. No One Buys Chevy Volts, Workers Play Cards at Stimulus Backed Plant
  263. Petrol from air: Will it make a difference?
  264. ND thriving using policies OPPOSITE of Barack Obama's
  265. Texas landowners take a rare stand against Big Oil
  266. Waiting for Fukushima in this country
  267. Free Market Is Biggest Threat To Coal Industry
  268. U.S. Coal Exports on Track for Record Year
  269. A123 Battery files for bankrptcy
  270. Interior bans drilling on 11.5 million acres of 'petroleum reserve.'
  271. Ford C-MAX Energi Plug-In Hybrid Rocks the Fuel Efficiency
  272. Black Silicon Solar Cell Hits 18.2% Efficiency, Should Help to Reduce Costs
  273. Meet the people at Energy & Capital
  274. Wholesale Gasoline Shortage In California Causes Gas Stations To Shut Down(?)
  275. Want to Put Your Pension into Green Energy?
  276. V3Solar photovoltaic Spin Cell generates 20 times more electricity per cell than flat
  277. Obama’s abandoned power plants (Obama uses the EPA to kill off a whole industry and e
  278. Amazing engines promise 60 to 100 mpg
  279. Tesla Supercharger network fills EVs with sun juice in 30 mins
  280. Particle accelerators could make spent nuclear fuel 200x safer
  281. Hyundai to introduce world's first production fuel-cell electric vehicle
  282. GM executives have conceded from the start that they were losing money on the Volt
  283. GM is NOT losing Money on the Volt
  284. Toyota Pulling the Plug on their All Electric Cars
  285. Shepherds Flat Wind Farm operating
  286. Fusion Power Update – Getting Closer!
  287. Could we have become "energy independent" for 6 trillion dollars?
  288. Rawlemon’s Spherical Solar Energy-Generating Globes Can Even Harvest Energy from Moon
  289. Common Sense
  290. Cheney's former company makes huge mistake
  291. Enough wind to power global energy demand, new research says
  292. GM Volt August Sales = 2,831 Units, New Record
  293. something to ponder
  294. Obama finalizes auto mileage mandate
  295. Vestas to lay off some 1,400 workers
  296. Explaining Obama's Energy Policy
  297. Microbes Make Methane from Waste Wind Power
  298. Startup Seeks to Transform High Altitude Wind Power with Yo-Yo Kites
  299. Obama Sets Yet Another Record
  300. Nissan LEAF To Get 25% More Range, Cheaper Entry Model In 2013 According To Report
  301. Scientists develop fast recharging material for lithium-ion batteries
  302. Drill baby Drill..and More
  303. Start-Stop Technology
  304. Wind energy within the United states updates
  305. New Bladeless Wind Turbine Claimed to be Twice as Efficient as Conventional Designs
  306. New Solar Power Design Inspired by Telescope Could Produce Twice the Energy
  307. Pain at the Plug
  308. GM may have electric car breakthrough
  309. Not a Great Energy Investment....
  310. White House expedites 5,000 MW of renewable energy projects
  311. Signs That SUVs Are Next Frontier for Electric Vehicles
  312. Wind power hits 57% mark in Colorado
  313. Elon Musk
  314. Keystone xl pipeline.
  315. The Laser Beam 1,000 Times as Powerful as the U.S.
  316. Wind turbine with record-breaking rotors (75 meters in length)
  317. How much range would you need to consider a electric car
  318. Breakthrough in colloidal quantum dot films leads to record efficiency for next-gener
  319. In Parts of India, Wind Energy Proving Cheaper than Coal
  320. Anyone knows how this works?
  321. Photovoltaics from any semiconductor
  322. Qualcomm to Demo Wireless Charging Tech for Electric Cars
  323. First U.S. Tidal Power Project Launches in Maine
  324. An Electric Car That Actually Goes Far?
  325. Scientists create highly transparent solar cells for windows that generate electricit
  326. How "Renewable Energy" is destroying Germany
  327. Oil, Gas carry economy- preventing recession.
  328. Better Applications for Solar and Wind.
  329. Another failed Obama policy
  330. Lights go dim on another energy project-Geo Thermal this time
  331. Another Obama Cluster fuck-Navy buys biofuel for $16 a gallon
  332. US Clean Energy to Rule the World and Romney should push it hard!
  333. EPA unelected and out of control
  334. More Solar Power in TX Could Save Consumers Over $520 Million
  335. Canadian hydropower to USA
  336. Battery Maker A123 Announces New Tech to Jump-Start Its Business
  337. If the Germans can do Why not the Americans? 20% Renewable Sources
  338. If Saudi's can up Production and the Price goes down then...
  339. Sharp Develops Concentrator Solar Cell With World's Highest Conversion Efficiency of
  340. T. Boone rips Koch's
  341. BioMass -- the Zero Carbon Myth.
  342. Texas and the Future of Energy
  343. The Green Energy buble is bursting fast, everywhere
  344. Green Technology: What WILL Happen
  345. Ford Hiring Craze to Handle Green Tech Cars
  346. Total cost of nuclear
  347. wrong meter reading error KESC can’t rectify the current month bill?
  348. Damn Oil Speculators!
  349. Only 35% Hybrid owners buy another one
  350. Oil in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming Equal to Entire World’s Proven Oil Reserves
  351. New nanostructure for batteries keeps going and going
  352. Shunning Nuke - a Stupid Development
  353. huh ? 78 MPG ??
  354. Perhaps some good news??
  355. When will solar become economical against the grid?
  356. Keystone Equals Higher Prices At The Pump
  357. Folding light: Wrinkles and twists boost power from solar panels
  358. Li air, Zn air batteries
  359. Oil is NOT a So-Called "Fossil Fuel" Rather is Generated Naturally by the Earth
  360. 'Crucify Them': The Obama Way
  361. Researchers develop a path to liquid solar cells that can be printed onto surfaces
  362. Ford Focus Electric
  363. Abundant crude supply doesn't push gas prices down
  364. Obama faces defeat in Keystone
  365. Might be a good idea for Romney to run on 'all energy' in texas
  366. Australian scientists report breakthrough in solar cell efficiency
  367. Methane study, EPA debunk claims of water pollution, climate change from fracking
  368. GOP blocks Obama's bid to end oil subsidies
  369. An Energy Question?
  370. Gas Prices?
  371. INL Assessment of Natural Stream Sites for Hydroelectric Dams in the Pacific NW Regio
  372. US grabs lead over China in clean energy race
  373. Running out of capacity to store gas. Shocker! Too much drilling under Obama.
  374. Electric Vehicles: $4 Million For Wireless Electric Car Charging
  375. The Right Flames the Volt
  376. Gas prices on the rise ↑
  377. How do you think the right would respond if...
  378. Chevron Brazil Suits Double to $22 Billion With New Claim
  379. Chevy re-Volt's
  380. Could this blow away the wind farm industry? Airborne power generator to produce ener
  381. Scientists develop ultra-thin solar cells
  382. Pocket Nukes
  383. Smarty meters
  384. The muppets reunite to take on big oil
  385. Since the libs hate oil so much...
  386. Offshore wind proposal moves closer to reality for Maryland
  387. "The Truth About Oil" ***
  388. Bush Senior Defies Republican Stereotype, Buys Chevy Volt
  389. Earth Hour tonight
  390. HOW Stupid ."increasing domestic production will not lower gas price
  391. Patch Flash: Deal Paves Way for Lake Michigan Offshore Wind Farms
  392. Obama Kills Atlantic Offshore Drilling For Five Years
  393. transforming America
  394. How to drill an oil well for free...
  395. How would eliminating oil subsidies lower gas prices
  396. Republicans should be thrilled with $5 gas. Proves their policies work.
  397. Nuclear cold fusion: 23 years later
  398. Judge slams EPA for axing coal permit
  399. Turning Natural Gas Into Water
  400. Rep. Pashinski's Marcellus Shale Observations Just Don't Fact Check
  401. Large Scale Small Scale Solar
  402. Ithaca NIMBY Activities Re: Natural Gas
  403. See energy expert Dr. Daniel Fine on "Shale Gas Wars: From Pennsylvania to N.C."
  404. Solar Power at Half the Cost
  405. 10 little known – or often ignored – facts about gas prices and ExxonMobil’s earnings
  406. Obama: I won't walk away from promise of clean energy
  407. Packin' Heat
  408. Energy expert Dr. Daniel Fine discusses Nprth Carolina's Shale Gas and "Fracking"
  409. Saudis increase oil sales to US
  410. I Know The Left Hates 'Big Oil'...but..
  411. Scarce Oil? U.S. Has 60 Times More Than Obama Claims
  412. API: Proposed EPA Emission Rules Will Reduce Shale Gas Drilling
  413. GM Volts Shocking: GM Literally Sold Out of Them
  414. Ohio admits earthquakes indirect result of fracking
  415. Fox News Schools Its Viewers: Rising Price of Gas Not the President’s Fault
  416. FERC approves plans for new 300-KW ocean power plant
  417. Winds of fortune sweep West Texas
  418. Who owns or is planning to own a chevrolet volt?
  419. Invisible Solar Cells: See Through Solar Power
  420. Why is the Obama Regime Giving Russia 7 Oil Rich AK Islands?
  421. Obama demands Congress end oil, gas subsidies
  422. Five PA coal-fueled power plants to close due to Obama administration regulation
  423. $5.00 Gas and no Socialists Mewling about "Obscene Profits"?
  424. Another green co. kaput, well not dead yet....
  425. Chu: Dept. of Energy working to wean U.S. off oil, not lower prices
  426. UK kicks off construction on 15 MW wind turbines
  427. Nothing Blowing in the U.S. Wind Energy Sector
  428. Need Help for School Project
  429. Victor D. Hansen- Energy prices....
  430. $6.00 A gallon gas in Florida ,others to follow
  431. Obama to address his asshole energy polices
  432. We don’t need middle east oil
  433. Tesla, Model X
  434. MIT Replicates LANR Experiment Success
  435. Windpower giant in trouble
  436. Key facts on keysont xl
  437. Is it deliberate??
  438. The United States has plenty of oil
  439. Family Dynamics
  440. Battery Manufacturer Files For Bankruptcy
  441. Congressmen introduces a bill to Bypass Presidaent on Ketstone
  442. "Keystone XL is a way to get Canadian oil out of the United States"
  443. Republican, Keystone XL earmark is bad for America
  444. Cuban oil
  445. Otec
  446. Things are never as simple as politicians make them out to be.
  447. Republican Party keeps saying no to 345,000 new shovel ready jobs = stupidity!
  448. Oil Companies Fined for Not Buying Nonexistent Cellulosic Ethanol
  449. Another IEA expert: "impossible to go much higher"
  450. Batteries
  451. So corporations need no regulations?
  452. Reality
  453. fuel efficiency and free market
  454. Chevy Volt costs Taxpayers 250k per vehicle?
  455. Lithium battery
  456. Household electricity bills skyrocket
  457. Navy & Agriculture Departments buys biofuel for $16 a gallon?
  458. Solar Power Much Cheaper to Produce Than Most Analysts Realize, Study Finds
  459. Why Is Gas So High?
  460. A week in Scottsdale, Az
  461. Priority of Usherenko (1974) in the region of cold fusion (synthesis)
  462. U.S. Fracking's Larger Implications
  463. Massachusetts Senator Bruce Tarr First Politician to Publicly Propose E-Cat as Energy
  464. A new energy source from nuclear fusion
  465. -Swedish physicists run the site
  466. Rossi Rival to Announce Cold Fusion/LENR Findings
  467. Solyndra ...what were they thinking?
  468. Defkalion shows pics of their cold fusion "machine"
  469. Anti-Fracking is Socialist/Marxist brainwashing campaign.
  470. U.S. probes EV batteries after Chevy Volt fire
  471. Obama administration delays pipeline decision until after election
  472. National Instruments signs to do E-Cat controls
  473. Report On A Conversation With George Miley
  474. Andrea Rossi Preparing for Huge E-Cat Company
  475. What to make of Andrea Rossi's apparent cold fusion success
  476. Drillers in The Gulf: Back in Business
  477. XL Pipeline: Obama's Decision
  478. Italian cold fusion machine passes another test
  479. China Shuts Solar Panel Factory After Antipollution Protests
  480. Toyota Develops New Electric Car Battery(1000km per charge)
  481. Energy Department Altered Loan-Related Releases
  482. XL Pipeline Runs Right Through Obama's Ass
  483. Bio-tech, nano-tech, and solar
  484. Michigan: Microcosm of the Myopia
  485. NV., The next Mecca of Green Energy?
  486. .Why Your Electric Bill Will Soon Go Up
  487. Tesla Model S - Love the Car and Range, but...
  488. from alternative energy sources
  489. $200 million green-tech subsidy results in -100 jobs
  490. Chevy Volt - What is GM doing?
  491. tankless water heater?
  492. Where can you get coal for fireplace
  493. anyone else see the irony here?
  494. US Compaines Banned – But Cuba Will Begin Drilling Off Florida Coast By December
  495. obamas BP oil spill it's still leaking
  496. New List Please...
  497. The Truth about "Clean Coal"
  498. Clean Coal??
  499. Solar power: why hasn't this improved
  500. Energy Deregulation in Texas?
  501. Here's Warren Buffett admitting peak oil
  502. Crop Circles and what?!
  503. Another Obama boondoggle
  504. Gasoline close to record high before Labor Day
  505. More Nuke Power Follies
  506. Obama's EPA measure against Coal Plants: Worrysome or Talking Points?
  507. So much for being Green
  508. 13-Year-Old Looks at Trees, Makes Solar Power Breakthrough
  509. *You Fucks Better Not Turn Off The Power Supply*
  510. Exxon Fined $600K For Killing Birds
  511. Wall Street Drenched in Red Ink
  512. California
  513. Now Gas Shortage?
  514. Texas is getting Electricity from Mexico.
  515. Fukushima disaster: worse than Hiroshima
  516. Where a lot of your carbon-based, fuel $ goes
  517. 'Lectric Biker
  518. Experimental wind-farm produces tenfold power increase
  519. Car Runs On Crack
  520. Just in!!! T rex responsible for global warming!!
  521. Wind and Hot Air..
  522. One of 'them'......
  523. Obummers GRENNERY Agenda.
  524. Oil back to $95 after dip to $90 due to Reserve release
  525. Independence (Day) from fossil fuels
  526. Nuclear: $0.08 and Coal: $0.06
  527. A step in the right direction
  528. Nuke power plant safety shuffle.
  529. I'm shocked! Texas first state to pass "fracking" disclosure law
  530. Nuclear Power Safe & In Your Back Yard?
  531. Electric cars may not be so green after all, says British study
  532. Fracking, some very good news
  533. The Kock oil speculation machine
  534. How Do We Solve Our Energy Problems?
  535. The nuke disaster you didn't hear about!
  536. Very high efficiency solar
  537. Saudi prince wants lower oil prices
  538. When KESC “punishment” & “torture” will ends
  539. LED lights that are good enough to replace incandescents
  540. I SAID... We're Running Out of Oil!!!!
  541. GM is trying to bring down the VOLT price
  542. energy
  543. Sacked KESC STAFF creates problems and responsible for loadshedding in entire city
  544. x can't power America!
  545. TO HELL WITH the AEC, the IAEC and the EPA. Replace them!
  546. An Internet Address for Every Light Bulb
  547. Democrats are STUPID!!! Tax Oil and It RAISES the GAS PRICES
  548. The Price-At-The-Pump Is High.....
  549. You Think Gas Prices are High Now???? Wait !!!!!
  550. Researchers in Ohio are studying the power of pee
  551. A Bad Move by Obama Re: oil
  552. What high gas prices really impact
  553. Why we need to nationalize our energy sector
  554. Paul ryan's gas guzzling suburban
  555. Obama says Drill Baby Drill
  556. Big Oil Big Gubbamint
  557. Obama Finally Admits: Oil Suppy Affects Price
  558. Stop selling ethanol and see what happens
  559. OK - Now We're Paying About the Same for Gas as in Japan??
  560. Fight Over Fracking
  561. House Approves Expanded Oil Production
  562. Largest Oil Scale Reserves BY FAR in the world!
  563. Gas Prices Then and Now
  564. Flashback: Obama Energy Secretary Chu Says We Must Get Gas Prices “to the Levels in E
  565. What really triggered oil's greatest rout.
  566. Another way to beat Al Qaeda, energy independence
  567. crude prices have declined by about 12 percent
  568. Have Another Drink, Help Warm a Scottish Home
  569. San Onofre Nuc Site Engineering Could Kill Millions!
  570. Cluster Fukushima (Engineering Screwups)
  571. We Need To Nationalize The Oil Industry In The U.S.
  572. An Industry Reborn
  573. Hey Big Oil...Wanna Buy a Politician? Tennessee is trying to make it EASIER!
  574. The Essential Fuel Prices at 34 Year High!
  575. *Last Time We Saw $4.00 Gal. A Barrel Costed $140.00*
  576. now, it's the IEA admitting peak
  577. idaho
  578. Gas Prices outcry gets Justice involved
  579. How much energy does it take to make 1 gallon of gasoline?
  580. Colombia gonna give us a gas discount?
  581. Drill here, drill now!!!
  582. Government Motors hybrid burns down garage while charging
  583. $5 GAS BY MEMORIAL DAY: So how many think that the voters will forgive this
  584. *Its Time To Go Gas!!!*
  585. IMF: peak is here
  586. Too bad GWB isn't still President
  587. Govt again increased POL prices which is additional burden and give justify
  588. The Real Deal on Brazil
  589. Democrats Deny US citizens our US Resources
  590. Euro-Weenies Want to Ban Oil Sands
  591. US Stores Spent Nuclear Fuel Rods at 4 Times Pool Capacity
  592. Meanwhile, back at the ranch!
  593. The Onshore Moratorium
  594. Taxing your Car Mileage... What?
  595. Most Americans live within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant
  596. The light bulb conspiracy
  597. Do those silly-looking windmills really provide
  598. President NIMBY says Drill Baby Drill
  599. trying to get things under control
  600. Oil Spill Reported Near Deepwater Drilling Site in Gulf
  601. whadda we got left?
  602. Sarah Palin Unleashes Attack On Obama Over $4.00 Gas And His Refusal To Drill
  603. Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Reactors and Media Sensationalism
  604. Nuke alternative power
  605. Nuke power plant question raised again.
  606. Question: Could the recent rise in seismic activity be related to offshore drilling?
  607. Energy from space
  608. question for someone who knows more about Nuke power than me.
  609. Bill Clinton says Obama’s delaying of oil drilling permits is “ridiculous”
  610. OMG!!!! China-Syndrome In Tokyo
  611. Mackenzie pipeline OK'd by cabinet, energy board
  612. See what putting all your eggs in one basket.....
  613. VISCOIL and Prospective Middle Eastern Unity
  614. Quaddafi is costing you money!
  615. Oil/Gas Question
  616. Top 10 exporters & importers countries for OIL
  617. Gas price spike. Poll
  618. Middle East Instability and Viscoil Technology
  619. Who is John Galt? Mass. company making diesel with sun, water, CO2
  620. 62 Miles (City) Per Tank . . . of Compressed Air
  621. Solving our energy problems
  622. Ag Secretary: "NO CORN FOR YOU!"
  623. Gasoline Expected to Rise to $5.00 to $6.00 a gallon
  624. Solyndra and the half BILLION dollar Green Energy Boondogle
  625. Energy Independence in 92 Square Miles
  626. An energy question from an energy idiot
  627. Fed Judge cites administration for contempt
  628. Why You Should Be Maximum Bullish on the Canadian Oil Sands
  629. In case you missed that latest WikiLeaks cable...
  630. Gas powered Solar Energy
  631. holy shit this is awesome if true, could reduce oil imports by half in 10 years
  632. *Rolling Blackouts Are Immoral*
  633. The 8 Most Exciting Solar Projects in the U.S. [Updated]
  634. 2011: Drill Baby, Drill
  635. Green-Energy Plant Sucks Up Subsidies, Then Goes Bust
  636. *Its Time To Invest In A Generator*
  637. cientists should make an engine that can...
  638. How about that Green Economy?
  639. Can Natural Gas Solve U.S. Energy Problems?
  640. As the mid east is shifts alternative energy is critical
  641. Oil jumps $3.70 a barrel due to unrest in Egypt.
  642. The Chevy Volt Only Gets 35MPG
  643. Yes ,its very posssible the price of gasoline will go to 8$ a gallon.
  644. BP's Missing Millions of Barrels of Oil
  645. $3 a gallon gas is an outrage!...or is it a miracle?
  646. Commodity and Oil Prices Could Really Gum-Up Recovery!
  647. What % of The UK's Electricity Needs Are Provided By Wind?
  648. my EZ plan to get US off of middle east oil & decrease unemployment
  649. Ford's Electric Car
  650. Has this been undone by congress or something?
  651. Kneecapping the EPA is a many splendored, bipartisan thing
  652. Oil refineries sue EPA over ethanol plan
  653. Driving US Families into Fuel Poverty
  654. Energy policy failure
  655. The Midwest Wind Surtax
  656. Oil rises near $92 as OPEC signals no output hike
  657. $5 a gallon oil in 2012
  658. Unaccountable, Unelected Fourth Branch of Government: Screw Congress, We're Going to
  659. Another Boondoggle 'in the making- The Wind Subsidy Bubble
  660. Pickens Plan no longer features wind energy
  661. $2.99 9/10ths for gas. Why does gas have 9/10 of cent?
  662. Oregon, a Renewable Welfare State
  663. Peak Geothermal
  664. Peak Wind
  665. Corn Ethanol Subsidies?
  666. Solar goes Diesel
  667. China Builds Nuclear Reactors while U.S. Burns Food For Fuel
  668. Oil headed for $120/bbl. Obama wants to buy more from foerigners
  669. oil gusher in california
  670. New Technology that Will Cut the Price of Oil in Half?
  671. Oil discoveries dispel "Peak Oil" as myth
  672. Federally mandated phase out of incandescent bulbs
  673. Wind energy fails
  674. Holy toledo! We have a gas glut!!
  675. Cap and Scheme is dead
  676. BP.... Back in Profit
  677. Mega-watt solar generation coming to Oregon
  678. Solar energy is dead
  679. worlds largest pile of garbage used for electricity
  680. Solar Panel production- China eats our lunch
  681. Study: Offshore wind could generate all U.S. electricity
  682. Buffett: Tax cuts for all but the rich
  683. solar roads
  684. The War Against Convenience
  685. Oiling Economies
  686. The Future is Fusion
  687. MIT, self repairing solar cells
  688. whats my best bet setting up my solar panels
  689. Windmills Harm the Environment by Consuming Energy
  690. What is "Clean Coal"?
  691. Kuwait Goes Nuclear
  692. Current USA Energy Sources and Goals
  693. Gulf oil platform explodes
  694. Revolt in Oregon
  695. Drill? Or go green? I say do both.
  696. *Electrical Infrastructure Not Protected From Islam!*
  697. National Energy Security Zombies Among U.S.
  698. Democrats Billionare Money Man George Soros Fined for driving Oil prices to $100
  699. Interesting post fom another board...
  700. US food waste worth more than offshore drilling
  701. Michigan: 800,000 Gallons of Oil Spill After Pipe Breaks
  702. Heat Pumps
  703. Oil Well Cap May Fail Seep found near BP's blown out oil well
  704. Obama revised deepwater moratorium Drilling Rigs Moving Out of the Gulf of Mexico
  705. Green Energy wont work - Who are you kidding?
  706. Time to Dump the Democrats
  707. Chevron, Total Accused of Human-Rights Abuses in Burma
  708. BP had Lockerbie bomber set free for oil deal
  709. Nuclear fusion in your back yard
  710. Photographer Detained for Taking Pictures of a BP Refinery
  711. Obama and Abengoa Solar and Abound Solar Manufacturing
  712. Dishonest Nat Gas Company
  713. High efficiency solar
  714. Solar and Oregon
  715. Nations rethink offshore drilling
  716. John Stewart - Why energy independence didn't work.
  717. American can't do spirit
  718. Party Time!
  719. Why a moritorium?
  720. US acting like a "banana republic"
  721. Terral's 'BP Gulf Oil Spill Solution' White Paper
  722. Another Torrent BP Works to Stem: Its C.E.O.
  723. The US Minerals Management Service
  724. BP Has No Intention Of Stopping The Gulf Oil Spill
  725. Kevin Costner's Machine Heads to BP's Oil Spill Clean Up
  726. BP: Okay? Now what?
  727. Should The Other Oil Exploration Co's Sue BP For Screwing The Pooch?
  728. Terral's BP Gulf Oil Spill Solution
  729. Why is the price of gasoline going down in May?
  730. Rear Admiral Salerno Is an Idiot!!!!
  731. Chrys Oynes, assoc. director of Offshore Energy and Minerals Management - retires
  732. 7 Ideas
  733. Must see video of gulf oil break at ocean floor
  734. Nuke That Slick
  735. President Hamlet's Energy Policy
  736. Clean Jobs, Expensive Jobs
  737. Harnessing the power of photosynthesis to make green fuel
  738. Geothermal Technology
  739. How long will the world's uranium supplies last?
  740. Energy Regulation Outsourced to Oil Companies
  741. Nationwide Gas Prices.
  742. Why Not Feel Sorry for BP?
  743. Why is it OK for Big Wind Energy to Slaughter Protected Birds?
  744. IL Wind Farms - A success!
  745. Truly Green, Energy Efficient Construction
  746. The Big Idea--Small Town Nukes
  747. Jobs for Dems? Outlook is very good for 12,000 to 21,000 new jobs at just one plant
  748. "When Did You Stop Beating Your Wife?"
  749. Off-Shore exploration reach 4 Billion $
  750. Our Future if we close our refineries...
  751. 2.5 Trillion barrels of Oil Shale Oil
  752. Sarah Palin Op-Ed: Obama Drilling Farce --STALL, BABY, STALL--
  753. Obama clears way for offshore drilling
  754. Where are the energy experts
  755. Oregon green energy fraud
  756. U.S biofuel Agenda
  757. Clean NRG
  758. Drill? why?
  759. The mysterious Bloom Box
  760. Who killed the electric car?
  761. New way of making solar panels
  762. Extreme Nuclear Makeover
  763. One quarter of US grain crops fed to cars - not people, new figures show
  764. Army Green
  765. My energy invention thoughts...
  766. Dead Dino Update: Massive find in shallow Gulf Waters
  767. Landfill Vapor Retrieval. Why Not More?
  768. The UK adopts wind - at last!
  769. The UK adopts wind
  770. Deal over Iraqi Oil between China, Russia, an the U.S?
  771. Glitter power
  772. At what point will the US take the lead?
  773. Obama promotes "sexy" insulation
  774. Greedy American Oil companies bid themsleves out of Iraq oil feilds.
  775. something fishy about wind power
  776. New roof and solar
  777. Wind energy, the con and cons
  778. China moving ahead of the U.S. in wind and solar power
  779. Israelis make a solar energy breakthrough
  780. Oil
  781. Copper Coil- Cheap and effective sustainable energy (OR make it yourself!)
  782. Green Energy taxes the poor, gives to the rich
  783. U.S. Tops in Energy Resources
  784. 100% alternative energy worldwide by 2030
  785. AL Whore
  786. With CO2 destroying the planet, where's the 55 MPH speed limit?
  787. Does the Moon Hold The secretto unlimited safe energy?
  788. Sustainable engergy independence?
  789. electric cars and solar panels
  790. Are there any estimates
  791. Jobs in North Dakota
  792. Mandate Electric Cars to save the environment.
  793. JB's Secure and Efficienct Energy Plan (SEEP) (an outline)
  794. Oil found off shore of Sierra Leon West Africa.
  795. Venezuela finds Trillions of cubic yards of Natural Gas, off shore.
  796. BP finds huge oil deposits in the Gulf
  797. Practical Example of Customer Owned Utility Vs Stockholder Owned
  798. Algae: The New Oil
  799. Exxon invests $600 million in algae based fuel
  800. Five Things Congress and the President Are Doing to Bring Back Sky-High Gas Prices
  801. Freedom from ME oil.
  802. GM Volt! Is it the solution to Foreign Oil?
  803. Game Changer in Sight!
  804. Fed Ex installs largest rooftop solar array
  805. Farmer saves $200,000 a year with poo power
  806. The Electric Vehicle to alleviate Energy Crisis
  807. The death of the peak oil myth
  808. Pee powered cars?
  809. Geothermal Energy for the Future?
  810. Wind or Nuclear?
  811. The Cost of Cap and Trade? Would it even work?
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  813. A Nuclear Plant Near You?
  814. Screw the environmentalists!
  815. Oil refineries?
  816. Take a tour of a biomass facility in Hungary
  817. US/Russia Uranium Enrichment Deal = Stuff of Nightmares!!!
  818. Save Energy - Paint Roofs and High-ways White!
  819. Nuclear Energy
  820. Delays threaten Maine in energy race
  821. Energy
  822. Energy Independence - Why liberals are against it.
  823. Himalayan glaciers GROWING despite Warming
  824. OPEC wants oil to reach $70 a barrel
  825. Republicans Push Nuclear Energy
  826. Obama Earth Day Flights Burned More Than 9,000 Gallons Of Fuel
  827. Obama's cap & trade policy--est. $2000 more per year per household in electric costs!
  828. New biofuel tech.
  829. Green Energy doesn't mean Oil Independence
  830. been screaming for this for years
  831. Carbon nanotubes, the solution to the energy crisis
  832. Bachmann Perpetuates Boehner’s Refuted $3000 Light-Switch Tax Myth
  833. No such thing as GREEN
  834. Fully Solar City Planned in Florida
  835. Walk the talk...
  836. Hacking the Smart Grid
  837. Feinstein: Don't Spoil Our Desert With Solar Panels
  838. Ford's new electric car
  839. SEC investigating Shell for bribery
  840. There Is No Such Thing as Nuclear Waste
  841. Stop the Tax Giveaways and Loopholes for Big Oil
  842. Glenn Beck scares Fox host into hiding under table
  843. Ford's electric truck
  844. nukes nuked from stimlus
  845. Green Energy
  846. How many people here have generators or solar in their home?
  847. Foreign Lithium
  848. Exxon notches record 2008 profit of 45.22 billion dlrs
  849. Obama pushes for higher fuel efficiency standards
  850. Gas prices up, who's fault is it??
  851. Free Gasoline! Step right up.....!
  852. Russia, Ukraine Dispute Leaves European Nations Without Gas
  853. Citgo Suspends Free Heating Oil Program for Low-Income Residents
  854. Passive house has no furnace
  855. List of Opponets To A Gas Tax
  856. How To Spell Stupid
  857. Energy Addiction
  858. Black Light Power signs their first commercial deal
  859. We Need A Carbon Tax
  860. CNN Censors Federal Reserve Rant?
  861. A better off shore energy source
  862. Lawsuits Stop Offshore Drilling in Its Tracks
  863. Carter One's Department Of Energy
  864. Oil close to being below $50!
  865. A letter to your senator
  866. What happens when a leftist is President...
  867. Great interview with T. Boone Pickens
  868. Incentive Checks...
  869. Oil Consumption Tied To Price? Who'd Thunk It?
  870. Exxon Mobil breaks another earnings record
  871. A Bridge to a Solution
  872. Why are oil prices plunges and what is next?
  873. Ethanol Prices Falling: Agri Wants A Bailout
  874. Oil close to $60 a barrell!
  875. 1st priority:
  876. Some Who Locked In a Price for Heating Oil Now Wish They Hadn’t
  877. OPEC to cut 2.5 million bpd
  878. i know how to save energy!!!
  879. Windmills Kill
  880. With gas prices plunging...
  881. Oil watchdog agency corrupt from bottom to top
  882. Opec Members Seek Emergency Meeting After Price Collapse
  883. NC has the highest gas prices of the lower 48 states
  884. Beware oil's crash....
  885. I paid less than $3/Gallon today for gas
  886. Severe fuel shortage grips parts of US southeast
  887. air ship wind turbines
  888. Lower demand for oil drops price
  889. Palin supports Obama - new energy
  890. Natural Gas
  891. How the Danes did wind power
  892. Drillers - School Is In Session
  893. Do you believe in drilling?
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  898. The Road To Passing Energy Legislation (Part IV of IV)
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  903. the energy compromise
  904. Who are the fools buying into more drilling?
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  906. Why is only one news group picking this up?
  907. 90 Billion Barrels of Oil and 1,670 Trillion Cubic Feet of Natural Gas
  908. $200 wind turbine?
  909. Gore Wants US to Abandon Fossil Fuels by 2018
  910. What are you doing to conserver energy?
  911. America looks to Solar