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  1. Founding Fathers/Framers: Original Intent and Theories of Originalism & Textualism
  2. 70 years ago today
  3. If Jefferson founded Republican Party in 1793, liberalism has no place in our history
  4. The British 1939 White paper stipulated that Jewish immigration
  5. FDR: Abandon Italy to Anoint Russia
  6. Was the Vietnam War Won (and then lost) - Forgotten History of the Vietnam War?
  7. ‘critical thinking’ assignment led at least 50 students to conclude Holocaust never o
  8. Will Sealed Records Ever be Released?
  9. Bulletin: Washington, DC Discovered!
  10. Germany, WWI, to the Third Reich
  11. us senate rules for impeachment
  12. What Happened to “We the People”? -
  13. The Thomas Jefferson conundrum
  14. Roosevelt: Stupidity or Mendacity?
  15. Nothing Is More Unpopular Than Losing A War
  16. 10 of Ben Franklin’s Lesser-Known Feats of Awesomeness
  17. Change of America
  18. 100 years ago today
  19. June 28, 1914, World War I triggered
  20. Two things happened this date.
  21. Hammering Hammer
  22. choose your own adventure: history that didn't happen
  23. Two things I learned about the Crusades . . .
  24. Making The World Safe For Communism
  25. A 1942 Bowery Boys film reveals US attitude toward Asians in WW2
  26. Gayocaust
  27. Juneteenth fast approaching people
  28. June 14th....Flag Day
  29. The Meaning of "State's Rights"
  30. Columbus a Spy for Portugal?
  31. The United States of Argentina?
  32. Stalin was a Progressive
  33. The Federalist Papers: A Revelation!
  34. The truth about D-day. It was BS. Russia had already annihilated germany
  35. Cover Stories For Territorial Conquest
  36. 70 years ago today
  37. Pas de Calais....or Normandy?
  38. Roosevelt's Historians
  39. was hitler gay?
  40. The most dangerous women said Teddy Roosevelt
  41. Espionage and Foreign Policy
  42. Here's How People 100 Years Ago Thought We'd Be Living Today
  43. Are there any historians at the History Channel?
  44. History Always Repeats Its Self: The Crisis in Ukraine Has Happened Before
  45. Conservative Confederates in the south were Democrats but became Republicans
  46. Steve Berry/US History/Fiction
  47. The Battle: Truth vs. Ideology
  48. Half the World doesn't know about the Holocaust!
  49. Historical photos from the Chicago Field Museum
  50. Did You Know the U.S. Had Troops in Siberia?
  51. 12,000 Year-Old Skeleton to Further Study of American Natives
  52. Eisenhower's Times
  53. What are thoughts on 'Guns, Germs, and Steel' concepts by Diamond?
  54. Indelible Propaganda Images
  55. Joseph McCarthy: Was He Right After All?
  56. Historical Fact: Muslims Killed Dracula
  57. Songs from the caves
  58. Only the outside stones of pyramids were quarried
  59. World’s oldest weather report could revise Bronze Age chronology -
  60. Award for best political slogans
  61. Iconic photos through time
  62. How the pyramids were built
  63. antisemitic/ anti-Israel u.s. presidents
  64. rasputin: was he evil?
  65. What's the most damaging thing Republicans have done in the last three decades?
  66. Which Cold War President's Foreign Policy was the Worst? The Best?
  67. If You're Into Dinos.
  68. Democrats and Dictators: A Pattern
  69. The Battles of Lexington and Concord
  70. USA & Soviet Union. Alliance to confrontation.
  71. 5.3 Million Years of History on a Cliff Face
  72. Some of the Oldest Things on Earth
  73. California Was an Island
  74. the Doolittle raid remembered
  75. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
  76. No such people as AMERICANS.
  77. Orwell on Anarchism Ⓐ
  78. A History of the Modern Middle East by Cleveland and Bunton
  79. 500 Spies
  80. Survivor
  81. Evolution of New York City - Part 1 (1490-1900)
  82. what does this sentence mean?
  83. Biggest Irony in History
  84. In Charge: Eisenhower or Stalin?
  85. Yeltsin Went Shopping in America
  86. Jeremiah Denton Dies
  87. Jesuit California
  88. America's First War
  89. USMB: Where did the Conservative Republicans who freed the slaves come from?
  90. The First Spiritual Leader?
  91. Obama, be like Harry
  92. First Ladies of the USA - time for some civillity, folks.
  93. Jack London: How I became a socialist
  94. My Fav Democrat President
  95. Poisoners of the Wells - Part 1: The Jewish Role in the Native American Genocide
  96. 72 killed resisting gun confiscation in Boston
  97. German plans to invade the US
  98. It All Started In 1947
  99. The Roping Fool
  100. 60 years ago, Edward Murrow took down Joe Mccarthy
  101. Wild Bill Guarnere is gone
  102. New Siberian Megalith Discovered
  103. American Way of Welfare: The Way It Was
  104. The Gettysburg Address
  105. The Jewish bolshevik revolution
  106. Stonehenge Holds a “Sonic Secret”
  107. Viking Helmet With Horns Not True
  108. 500 Nations – The Story of Indian Americans
  109. 1994 Treaty REQUIRES USA to Defend Ukraine From Invasion!
  110. Women's History: Native Americans
  111. History books
  112. Abraham Lincoln: Alternative History?
  113. Socialist roots of Nazism
  114. Democrat "Slavers Party"
  115. Roosevelt's Administration: The Way It Was
  116. How & why did S. whites limit black civil rights & liberties during reconstruction?
  117. Empires
  118. 200-Year-Old Douche Found Under New York's City Hall
  119. Book Review: "Bond of Union"
  120. tax unemployment benefits: a Reagan administration idea
  121. Harry Truman, Quo Vadis?
  122. February 22, 1980. Where were you?
  123. Understanding Stalin: D-day
  124. Stupid Democrats vs Palin
  125. An Ugliness Of The Soul
  126. Iwo Jima remembered
  127. Titan - The Titanics big ghost brother
  128. Did Aliens Build Stonehenge?
  129. What Seems Out of Place to You?
  130. Reparations for Civil War Soldiers?
  131. Pelosi’s Job Lock Gobbledegook
  132. Harry Hopkins....Soviet Spy
  133. Why is it conservatives always skip over monarchs and dictators..
  134. First Americans from Siberia
  135. Stalin's Successful Strategy
  136. 4000 years of Vietnam's history from view of a Vietnamese
  137. International law is UN law is Socialist law
  138. Getting To Know Pete Seeger
  139. Civil War Facts
  140. Think You Know Who Won WWII?
  141. Back to the Future: What History Teaches About Gun Confiscations
  142. Military history novels
  143. The Niihau Incident
  144. Wwe need a president and people with george washington's faith in god!
  145. Jews Who Won American War Medals
  146. 500,000 Jews Fought In The Russian Red Army in WWII
  147. Did you know that Armageddon was supposed to happen in 1982??
  148. What explains the ingenuity of Nordic people
  149. Powerful video on the history of Abortion.
  150. 28 years ago today...
  151. Capturing Eichmann (1960)
  152. Independence bell
  153. history of anti-semitism on the left
  154. Aug. 8th, 1945 USSR declared war on Japan.
  155. The Donner Party: Chalkboard
  156. Democrat Support For Terrorism Remembered
  157. Why do so many insult U.S foreign policy during the cold war?
  158. Did Gun control cause the Holocaust?
  159. January 21....
  160. JFK library releases letters
  161. The Untold Story of Eisenhower's Death Camps
  162. From MLK, Jr regarding bus integration
  163. Shakespeare [sp?] Invented Words
  164. Lessons learned
  165. Jews Should Get Over The Holocaust
  166. Worl War II In Europe, Day By Day
  167. The Lies of Franklin Roosevelt
  168. Let us not forget the Hebron Massacre:
  169. Passion Without Political Power
  170. Zora Neale Hurston
  171. The Myth of the Robber Barons: A New Look at the Rise of Big Business in America
  172. Palestinians And World War II
  173. Did 'The Great Society' Ruin Society?
  174. [Bring it on, you Americans] About Ho Chi Minh
  175. The new wave of the world
  176. Russo Japanese War
  177. Stalin, the Teflon Dictator
  178. 10 Inventions That Were Ahead of Their Time
  179. How Could You?
  180. Brief Moments In History
  181. British codebreaker, castrated for being a homosexual, receives pardon
  182. Republicans and history. Unions, economics, political, it's all strange.
  183. Did FDR Provoke Pearl Harbor?
  184. Today in History
  185. Why National Socialism is Not Racist
  186. Lost Cause: What Were They Thinking?
  187. Then and Now
  188. 23 Vintage Ads That Would Be Banned Today
  189. The Most Destructive Sin
  190. Vietnam and other combat veterans of all branches-your opinion of this documentary.
  191. History of Mandela and the ANC
  192. History is our greatest teacher.
  193. FDR and What Could Have Been
  194. Katrina is history now.
  195. Mandela said what?
  196. December 7th, 1941 – A Day Ignored by The Main Street Press
  197. Emergency Broadcast 1941
  198. Is this True?: Reagan and Mandela
  199. Both Nelson Mandela and Pres. Obama won the Nobel Prize
  200. Ronald Reagan's never mentioned support for South African Apartheid.
  201. Nelson Mandela facts you won't hear from the Mainstream News
  202. Crypt of Civilisation
  203. Why Did FDR Censor Criticism of Stalin?
  204. When did Ronald Reagan meet Osama Bin Laden?
  205. Frontline :Who was Oswald?
  206. Alger Hiss: American Hero...
  207. Hitler and the Big Lie
  208. The Federalist Papers: A Revelation!
  209. Nazi Economics
  210. understanding Stonehenge(s)
  211. 'We Don't Need No Stinkin' Judges....'
  212. The Kennedy Konspiracy Fraud marches on.....
  213. Nixon Conservative Republicans and the Kennedys
  214. Has History Convoluted JFK's Legacy?
  215. Why do so many put JFK on a Pedestal?
  216. Democrat Policy: Inculcating Fear
  217. Tintype photo identification Ulysses S Grant?
  218. Alexander Hamilton....Monarchist
  219. Census' phony employment numbers..before Obama's re-election!
  220. Ancient, Modern DNA Tell Story of First Humans in the Americas
  221. "No culture that has ever accepted normalization of same sex relationships..."
  222. Woulc JFK Still be a Democrat Today?
  223. How Progressives Lost in the 1960s, Yet Still Found a Way to Transform America
  224. When FDR "Married" the US and the USSR
  225. JFK why he inspired me
  226. In which ways was Andrew Jackson the antithesis of Republicanism?
  227. November 11th....And A Question
  228. The Somewhat Surprising History Of Democrat Leaders
  229. Did Martin Luther King Jr. arrange his own martyrdom?
  230. Why the Gettysburg Address is Important to US, TODAY
  231. Elia Kazan and Edward Dmytryk: Heroes
  232. Definition Of Insanity: Repeating The Clinton Years With The Clintons
  233. John F. Kennedy.. Democrats
  234. The Big Giveaway
  235. A well regulated militia
  236. Let's recognize Randall "Duke" Cunningham's War Record
  237. Hemp For Victory in the War on Terror
  238. Life in USSR under Stalin
  239. FDR's foreign policy!
  240. U.S. Govt Film Depicts WWII Japanese Internment Differently Than You Were Taught
  241. Hooray For Schlafly
  242. it has been 50 years ago today
  243. November 2nd, 1917
  244. Who actually wants the south to rise again?
  245. "War of the Worlds" did not cause a panic!!
  246. The Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives
  247. Blacks in NS Germany
  248. Life in Hitler's Germany
  249. Pigs Will Fly Before Parasites Become Producers
  250. Who (Presidents) has slaughtered the most Americans on American soil?
  251. Oh what the hell. It's the decent thing to do.
  252. anyone know of a source for info on Catus Jack Garner
  253. Why Reagan?
  254. Practioners of Big Government:
  255. Record Failure: Why FDR Needed a Third Term
  256. West Germanic languages
  257. Nothing Like Some Good Old Head...
  258. Untold history of the U.S. on Showtime
  259. Great Men Who Were Never Elected President
  260. Corsi v. O’Reilly
  261. U.S. attacks on Muslims
  262. The car for the new invention
  263. What if the Confederacy had been allowed to secede peacefully?
  264. Ancient Confession Found: 'We Invented Jesus Christ'
  265. Controlling Labor Replaced Controlling Production
  266. FDR & Obama: Two Peas in a Pod?
  267. Attempts To Kill Adolf Hitler
  268. History Quiz - Who Said It?
  269. Ronald Reagan's shameful legacy
  270. America Was Better Off Before The Socialism of FDR, JFK, LBJ...
  271. Interesting History of the birth of the Israeli Air Force...
  272. GOP Presidents Historically Demaned Postal Rates Rise Like Lazarus
  273. Gala
  274. The Pink Swastika-Homosexuality In The Nazi Party
  275. Nazi Slave Labor
  276. Nazi Murder of The Sick and Disabled
  277. Attempts To Kill Adolf Hitler
  278. Saving the Ludwig von Mises Papers
  279. This Day in History
  280. First 4 US Presidents?
  281. Evidence of the Holocaust
  282. Remembrance, Resolve, Resolution
  283. 41 Facts About The History Of Central Banks In The United States That Our Children Ar
  284. Why Not Movies Or TV?
  285. Witness To History
  286. The Other 9-11—When Commies Tasted Their Own Medicine
  287. Be grateful JFK got elected in 1960 instead of Nixon
  288. The score so far on recall elections... and an interesting pattern
  289. 9-11, Where were you when you heard
  290. Maya dismembered their enemies
  291. If you had a choice to live in an ancient empire with two choices of either Roman or
  292. This week 150 years ago
  293. Where were you on Nov. 22, 1963:
  294. One Quotation Sires Another
  295. What happened to Raoul Wallenberg?
  296. wars end
  297. Did any of the central or south American emperors have navies???
  298. How we got to Mars
  299. FDR's Military Acumen Saved Soldiers?
  300. Understanding FDR: By The Numbers
  301. A Tale of Two Eras
  302. Were Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. both "Confederates"?
  303. King of England buried under a parking lot
  304. August 28, 1963
  305. Unearthed Peruvian tomb confirms that women ruled over brutal ancient culture
  306. 2nd Amendment - "Miltia" - US Constitution - Mentioned How Times
  307. The Bravery in WWII, Cowardice After...
  308. best book(s) on Nazi members, early beliefs?
  309. When Communism Moved Into The Classroom
  310. When did the Republican Party of Lincoln become the "Confederate Party"?
  311. USMB GOP want proof that conservative confederates joined the GOP in the middle 60's
  312. The Soviets 'Ignored' Their Treaties????
  313. 1953 Iran Coup - CIA Finally Admits Role
  314. Iranian PM Mohammad Mossadegh & the C.I.A.
  315. Did We Need The USSR????
  316. I've Been Challenged By FDR Groupies!
  317. Elvis Aaron Presley
  318. Booths & Blackjacks
  319. Thank you, Republicans, for giving women the vote...despite Democrat opposition.
  320. Crusades Reconsidered - Not Imperalist, but a Response to Islamic Jingoism!!!
  321. 3th Reich: Sentences in a country we know few about
  322. 8th Grade Exam Puts Adults to the Test
  323. Another Hero You've Never Heard Of.
  324. 80 years - Every President has more vacation than me, except one!
  325. arcaeological news thread
  326. 'Mona Lisa' skeleton and her kin's remains are due for DNA testing
  327. Andrew Higgins unsung hero of the Pacific war and Normandy
  328. What part of the world was more advance...Northern Europe or Central America around 1
  329. I have one question that I am interested in...Would we have
  330. 6 August 1945
  331. 68 years ago today
  332. 68 Years
  333. American Heroine,...Unsung
  334. Lend-Lease: Whose Idea?
  335. US and WW2
  336. Why the Government Cover-Up?
  337. Statue of Korean War horse Reckless to be unveiled at Marine museum in Virginia
  338. The REAL History of Slavery
  339. Today in History–The Bombing of the King David Hotel by Jewish terrorists
  340. Red States - 150 years of Conservative rule. Why are they such disasters?
  341. 3,000-year-old palace in Israel linked to biblical King David
  342. New Information (relatively) on Neanderthals being like US and part of our Ancestry
  343. Damning America With Faint Praise.
  344. Treasure Hunters Find Gold Coin Trove Off Florida
  345. How Do You Recognize a Duck?
  346. Boston marathon
  347. Liberals Celebrating Bastille Day??
  348. One Bad Ass MF: Adrian Carton de Wiart
  349. The Snowden Adjustment
  350. Hollywood And Hitler
  351. The Praetorian Guard
  352. FDR's Lend-Lease....or Stalin's?
  353. How We Caught The Political 'Ebola Virus'
  354. Progressives: Promises vs. The Facts
  355. Thank you Barack!
  356. Art under attack show to feature damaged Christ statue
  357. First slave owner in America was black
  358. Not Founding Fathers, Founding Punks
  359. Will The Real Edward Snowden Please Drop Dead
  360. Glittering, unlooted 1,200-year-old royal tomb found in Peru
  361. Intelligence failures in the 20th century
  362. Gettysburg offers lessons on battlefield medicine
  363. Transformed Into What?
  364. This day in history
  365. Expedition hopes to find La Salle's long lost ship
  366. 1863 Indian Massacre Site Uncovered in California
  367. letter written by Robert the Bruce to Edward II found
  368. June 6th 1944 D-Day
  369. Vietnam
  370. Badass of the week.
  371. A scenario for WW2 history buffs: What if?
  372. WWII Heavy Bomber B-24 "Miss-I-Hope" New Info!
  373. A World Without Jews (Wiki Edition)
  374. Ancient cave art unearthed in Mexico
  375. High school sweetheart finds killed WWII Marine's diary in museum 70 years later Rea
  376. Before there was a "greatest generation"
  377. German WWII "war diary"
  378. Have a true look at the GDR´s economic situation back then
  379. Great moment in History
  380. Reagan - Class Act
  381. America Ended With The Depression
  382. Archduke Charles .vs. Wellington
  383. Awesome virtual tour of the National Museum of Natural History
  384. Dresden: Nazi Zombies don´t walk the line
  385. Bush had highest approval rating in history, GOP always hated Obama
  386. Frontier Fort From Revolutionary War Found in Ga.
  387. May 1, 1776, Big Day
  388. Sunken Egyptian city reveals 1,200-year-old secrets
  389. Cool find.
  390. Doolittle Raid brilliant strategy or desperate risk
  391. 210th Anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase
  392. VietNam..April 30th....How It Ended.
  393. Two Clever Fellows
  394. Civilization & Utopia
  395. Antisemitism debated in Poland
  396. Why did Bill Clinton pardon 19 terrorists?
  397. 1st Light Infantry Providence Rhode Island
  398. Real cowboy hats
  399. Why was America attacked on September 11, 2001?
  400. Kawanakajima
  401. Raden Adjeng Kartini
  402. Objects from JFK assassination go on display in DC
  403. Civil War Soldier's Ring Returned to Family 148 Years Later
  404. Trickle-Down Economics Began...
  405. History of Human Civilization - Facts 4 Religious/Political/Social/Cultural Arguments
  406. April 7, 1945
  407. Just a couple of the ways Government helped build this country
  408. Matisse in Norwegian museum was once Nazi loot
  409. 80 Years Ago Today: The Gold Confiscation Act
  410. US sub sinking 50 years ago led to safety changes
  411. Need help: Nixon's delayed scheduled reduction in telephone and auto excise taxes
  412. Grotesque: The Bush "Presidential" Library
  413. A Proper Use For Libraries
  414. March 25th: Gun Control
  415. Napoleon and Josephine's Engagement Ring Sells for $949,000
  416. The United States of Hysteria
  417. You Shall not Nail us Upon a Cross of Gold - Williman Jennings Bryan
  418. The Balance of Powers Act – How People Are Destroyed For Lack of Knowledge
  419. A Love Song
  420. History Channel's Satan looks like Obama
  421. Ancient Egyptian Sundial Discovered at Valley of the Kings
  422. Unarmed Robbery In Cyprus
  423. William F. Buckley versus Gore Vidal: GOP Convention 1968
  424. Once Upon A Time
  425. Origin of our species
  426. An American professor defends Stalin
  427. March 6, 1836
  428. "Calling Holocaust Deniers....part deux"
  429. Callling All 'Holocaust Deniers'!
  430. This Republican Party is on the wrong side of history.
  431. 1913 Is 1776 For Liberals
  432. photo of the Oval Office 3/9/50
  433. Coolidge Shines The Light on Obama
  434. Timelines For Democrat Disasters
  435. the most humiliating defeat in modern warfare history !!
  436. Intellectuals Gone Bad!
  437. If you have the Pope and the Dixie Chicks against you, your time is up!
  438. 2 Years
  439. Worth Watching
  440. History Lesson Forgotten - Wounded Knee
  441. When did history end?
  442. Senator McCarthy: Too Soon Forgotten
  443. The Man Not The Office
  444. Iwo Jima- Uncommon Valor and wasted lives
  445. Progressives: An Historical Perspective
  446. February 12th....A Moment in Time.
  447. Time to Honor A Hero Named "Shifty"!
  448. Germans tortured by Brits after WWII
  449. Reagan & Conservatives -- Revisonist History 101
  450. Why Was Thomas Jefferson Selected To Write The Constitution?
  451. The Greatest President in 100 Years
  452. Uncanny Accuracy of the Bible!
  453. Celebrate African American History Month
  454. Was Winston Churchill a catastrophe?
  455. The Bible: A History
  456. Happy Birthday, FDR
  457. A Brief History Of Hatred
  458. What if the south had won the civil war?
  459. Assault on Waco
  460. Subtle bias - 9-11
  461. The oldest known Revolutionary War...
  462. The Threat the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Posed to Society
  463. Ready to Learn Real 'Red' History??
  464. Johnson's Great Society
  465. An Instant history of conservatism.
  466. Sorry, Gun Nuts: Hitler Actually Relaxed Most Gun Laws
  467. 300,000,000 Is Not Enough
  468. Do you remember Vietnam on TV?
  469. is this the truth about Martin Luther King JR ??
  470. The Legend of Lincoln Unchained
  471. They don't make songs like this any more.
  472. The History Of Americas Death Squads.
  473. Minnesota, the Dakota Indians & Wounded Knee Massacre
  474. Just What Was Fundamentally Wrong with Bolshevism?
  475. Buried Christian Empire Casts New Light on Early Islam
  476. Guns: Then and now. A history of democide
  477. Shooting sprees are not rare in the United States.
  478. New Book Claims Geronimo Was Not A Merciless Savage
  479. The Germans and Japanese didnt like each other
  480. George Washington and Divine Providence
  481. Never to be forgotten
  482. Bf 109 Pilot Spared American B17 - Pilots Meet 40 Years Later
  483. The Iron Lady
  484. I've Always Been a Hardcore Libertarian-Conservative...
  485. Suppose that after the Civil War, the US had become two separate countries.
  486. Jimmy Carter's 1980 Olympics boycott screwed over the athletes
  487. America....the new 'Flanders Field.'
  488. The Maya's knew about dinosaurs.
  489. Watergate - Benghazi comparison?
  490. Has there ever been a SOS who killed someone?
  491. Hemp reprise
  492. The Truth about the "Gleiwitz Incident"
  493. Day of the Kamikaze
  494. Changed My Avitar...Why?
  495. Has There Been A Better History Teacher Than Eugen Weber? I Don't Think So!
  496. America’s first socialist republic
  497. Squanto — the worldly Indian who dazzled the pilgrims
  498. The Real Story of Thanksgiving
  499. Lincoln was a woman
  500. When did the party of Lincoln become the states rights party?
  501. Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA)
  502. Tax Paid Prof Says Commie Stalin Never Committed Any Crimes
  503. Steven Spielberg's movie about Lincoln is pure bull**** !!!!!!!
  504. Ben Franklin
  505. Wars aren'twhat they used to be
  506. Tea party vs. Boston Tea Party
  507. Trauma
  508. The Earliest Stress-Reliever!
  509. WWII's Red Ball Express
  510. Abe lincoln freed the slaves?
  511. Who was the worst traitor in U.S. history?
  512. Hitler was controlled by women
  513. Federalist No. 2 and Diversity
  514. Happy Birthday, Teddy
  515. Only once in our history did America have a King
  516. French Revolution and American Revolution: REAL PATRIOTS
  517. FREEDOM is now a word of past now. History
  518. Solving the "Race" Problem
  519. Is it wore when genocides happen in countries like Germany
  520. Mass genocide, last 100 years, incl. Holocaust (on 6 million Jews)
  521. Israelites AKA today's Jews
  522. Todays history is boring
  523. Lucky stiffs that lived history - born around 1920
  524. Site of Drake's Landing Declared
  525. History of photography
  526. Why didnt FDR tell VP Truman about the ABomb
  527. When words are a work of art!
  528. Bush Ignored Multiple 911 Warnings/Lied About WMDs in Iraq.
  529. A traitorous scumbag died 142 years ago today
  530. The Beauty of History
  531. How The Democrats Created Red China
  532. Rare World War II Photographs
  533. Rightwinger’s ‘Southern Strategy’ Theory is….
  534. There Was No 'Southern Strategy'
  535. Kerry Won Debate
  536. Dixiecrats Became Republicans??? A Lie.
  537. The REAL Truth of the Civil Rights Struggle
  538. The Truth of the Civil Rights Struggle
  539. Nazi Discovery Scientists Say Buddha Statue Made of Meteorite
  540. The Hollow Empire
  541. A Tale To Awaken To
  542. Romney is Hoover? See the promises from 1928
  543. The more things change ... remain the same?
  544. Massive Roman Mosaic Discovered in Turkey
  545. Learning From History...or Not.
  546. Origins of Our 'Muslim Brotherhood' Allies.
  547. Wrong Guys
  548. I was more at risk in 1962 when I was 9
  549. "How Mitt Dodged the Draft"
  550. The Nazis and Japs made it easy to rally the nation
  551. The First Defector....part two.
  552. The First Defector...part one.
  553. democracy removes religion from political power
  554. What is there to learn from history?
  555. Liberals Won’t Be Around Much Longer!
  556. Democrat Party: Fruit of the Poisonous Tree
  557. JFK was overrated because he was so recklessl
  558. LONGEST WARS or the most imcompent
  559. USA probably would have won WW2
  560. Ancient History?
  561. Women, The Vote, and the GOP
  562. Baalbek, is our notion of "History" is off?
  563. Even though most were citizens........
  564. Understanding The Left
  565. The Course of Empire
  566. Favorite Roman Emperor and why
  567. Bringing Home Moscow's Show Trials.
  568. Comparing Amendments
  569. Was the Civil War Worth 600,000 Dead Americans?
  570. August 17, 1942
  571. Ralph L. Carr - A Man of Principle
  572. Not Counting This One......
  573. Is slavery a big issue?
  574. A Question
  575. Are you a Holocaust Denying Anti Zionist IslamoNazi? Neo Nazi Dirtbag?
  576. Learning From Hitler
  577. Guadalcanal
  578. My Wife's Grandparents Were Hiroshima Survivors
  579. 67 Years
  580. Rural Portrait: A Quiet Way of Life
  581. Stop Japan's obssession over Dokdo
  582. Assn of RFK had more impact than JFKs
  583. A Beefeater at the Tower of London
  584. The Source of American Exceptionalism
  585. Where have all the good guys gone?
  586. A Perfect Fit
  587. Orignal Moon landers
  588. Invisible History
  589. Did Jefferson deserve to be on Mt Rushmore?
  590. How Liberals Created Ronald Reagan
  591. The Scottish Highland Clearances
  592. Time for a new constitution
  593. The Dangers of Unsated Consumer Democracy
  594. America as Farce
  595. Tunneling Under Liberty
  596. Can Anyone On This Board Name the Rightwing Terrorist Group
  597. Maybe History really is bunk
  598. The Holocaust itself lecturing!!!
  599. Ancient "New York City" of Canada discovered
  600. Some Cool Wall Patriotic Papers
  601. "The Wizard of Oz" and the "Cross of Gold"
  602. What constitutes genocide? Officially?
  603. Was the US war for independence a revolution or a war of national liberation?
  604. Who is the most over-rated president of all-time?
  605. Happy fourth of July!
  606. Social Gospel of the 'Religious' Left
  607. Hitler and the right
  608. Confederate Bible-thumper conundrum
  609. Hirohito and Franco
  610. Is anyone else here a fan?
  611. The Intolerable Acts
  612. Declaratory Act: 1766
  613. IBM Contributed To The Holocaust
  614. Will book worms soon make the endangered list?
  615. If America was founded by Republicans why do we have Democrats?
  616. Stalinism Solves Problem of Minorities
  617. Mahatma Gandhi-1947 in India,s freedom
  618. New Stonehenge theory
  619. Kelly Osbourne claims to be "war expert", yet can't name Axis, Allied forces..
  620. Jun 21, 1788 U.S. Constitution ratified
  621. Is this terror?
  622. Time Magazine's Man of the Year 1938
  623. Nixon was the first green president
  624. Main unanswered question of Watergate
  625. june 17
  626. How The Star -Spangled Banner Became America's National Anthem
  627. Moses, the Egyptian Pharoah
  628. The European Atrocity You Never Heard About
  629. June 12
  630. Geneticists find Jewish roots in Colorado Indians
  631. The Vindolanda Tablets
  632. Catching Up With Taft-Hartley
  633. Obama's historical legacy
  634. **** Nixon did not end the vietnam war.
  635. 68 years ago today
  636. Election Treason
  637. Lawyers & Bankers
  638. What good did Bush/Republican policies do for this country and for the Middle Class?
  639. Happy Birthday, Jefferson Davis
  640. Deception won D-Day
  641. Who knew? Not Obama...
  642. To Hell With That Noise
  643. *Being Slave In America Still Better Than Living Free In Africa*
  644. British spies helped the Japanese to plan the Pearl Harbor attack.
  645. The Clinton Quiz
  646. Mayan update
  647. How Do You Imagine The World Would Be Different...
  648. Sunshine & Flowers
  649. America & Nazi Germany
  650. 'kamikaze'
  651. Biden’s amnesia
  652. Iran vs. Israel - Back to the Future
  653. Were Founding Fathers Terrorists?
  654. My fellow Americans
  655. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's book on African American contributions
  656. 1491
  657. This night in history the war for freedom begins
  658. Did the Japanese ever apologize foranyting?
  659. America is a great country...
  660. Bow-wows & Beauties
  661. Britain's Greatest Ever Foe?
  662. ranking US Presidents
  663. April 12th in America....
  664. If it's a choice between "history" and "Republicans". I have to go with "history".
  665. Bill Clinton didn't serve!
  666. ~The Titantic~
  667. Wisdom, Justice, and Government
  668. If the US is number one in science and technology, what place does the GOP have?
  669. How We Got Here....
  670. Russian Empire in Colour
  671. What Americans Were.....sigh....
  672. Obama will easily triple Clinton's hundred million
  673. 17 Years Ago
  674. Heil LA! American Nazis built bunker for Hitler in LA
  675. March 19th: Wm. Bradford- Capitalism
  676. Incremental dirt bags
  677. March 18th 1942
  678. Did colonial powers lay the seeds for many of the problems today in Africa & Asia??
  679. France, 1930's: A Fatal Flaw in Liberalism
  680. Slavery/Racism: Some Questions
  681. Race Relations
  682. Reunion of Honor
  683. Why the USSR won against Nazi Germany
  684. Did Sarah Palin believe the Queen is in charge of the British Military?
  685. The March 9th Quiz
  686. US had no intelligence network before WW2
  687. Happy Independence Day TEXAS
  688. Birth of The Nation
  689. Black History month ends tomorrow--the 29th
  690. The E P A & the U.N.
  691. George W. Bush Said God Told Him To Invade Iraq
  692. 'World's last' WWI veteran Florence Green dies aged 110
  693. Where Did Our Republic Go??
  694. The day the music died
  695. Notes of Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787
  696. If Jefferson founded the Republican Party what place do Democrats have in America?
  697. Bush did not protect us from 9-11.
  698. Remembering Vietnam
  699. 1492 invasion and occupation
  700. Great empires crumble
  701. A Warning For Republicans
  702. JFK ord intern to give ******* to assoc in
  703. Today is Abraham Lincoln's birthday
  704. Andrew INDIAN KILLER Jackson
  705. Happy Birthday President Reagan -
  706. *JFK Nails Young Intern He Was A Lecherous Man*
  707. the big stick is heading home
  708. What Right Do Zionist Jews Have To Palestine? From Jason Collett
  709. Official records from international red cross prove "holocaust" was a fraud
  710. Mossad And The JFK Assassination
  711. Hitler never knew about JFK, JKF never knew about the
  712. The Hidden History of Jewish Bolscevism &Freemasonry
  713. Former Slave's Letter To His Former Master!
  714. Against the Myth of American Decline
  715. On this day
  716. Hiroshima drew the short straw
  717. Muggereidge on the Obama Era
  718. FDR: Warning about today's Republicans
  719. Is this history, or is it now?
  720. The Last Days of the Big Lie
  721. puzzling George Washington item
  722. Eugenics: Progressive Movement Home to Roost
  723. Executive order 9066...lest we forget
  724. Sir Thomas More- was his sacrfice worth it?
  725. British POW's 1940 'Twitter' diary released
  726. Boooooosh
  727. Did Hillary deserve to become president?
  728. Executive order 9066
  729. 1991 Cease Fire resumed as "Liberation of Iraq"
  730. Real Americans
  731. Some quotes from JFK about how great Hitler was
  732. A Dark Day In U.S. History
  733. Petty concerns.
  734. Peruvian Skulls...
  735. How right wingers will rewrite history in 100 years.
  736. Why did Nixon win 49 out of 50 states for re-election?
  737. This Day In History: December 20th, 1944
  738. Still feel the effects of Truman's War
  739. The U.S. Constitution Is Unconstitutional!
  740. Remembering WWII
  741. One of the 25 "least influential people"...
  742. Memorial ceremony in Auschwitz Volkswagen
  743. Jews Assassinated by the Tsars
  744. Anyone Read Any Books by David Barton?
  745. Treason and the Constitution
  746. Huge battle to begin over heiress' $400 million estate
  747. Happy thanksgiving Ira Hayes
  748. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone on USMB.
  749. Kennedy
  750. Ancient Faces
  751. Conservative Response to OWS Echoes The American Revolution
  752. Are Republicans REALLY the War Mongers? The Numbers Say No
  753. This is our movement...[The Rude Pundit]
  754. OWS Echoes The French Revolution.
  755. The Middle Ages in colour
  756. Hitlercouldh have evaded capture
  757. Buliding the WTC twin towers
  758. "Communist" Nations -- An Interesting Anomaly
  759. The Grey Wolf - The Escape of Adolf Hitler
  760. Honoring the 442nd
  761. Interesting archelogical find in France and German attitudes toward the world wars
  762. Quiz
  763. FDR should have been impeached on a number ofcounts
  764. How Goldman Sachs Created the Food Crisis
  765. Jefferson on "'Shays' Rebellion"***
  766. Neville Chamberlain- unfairly condemned?
  767. The Reign
  768. Should FDR's Historical "New Deal" Finally End?
  769. Soviet POW camps from a Japanese perspective
  770. A Message From History!
  771. The Constitution was designed to make liberalism illegal.
  772. Happy Constitution day America
  773. History Consistency
  774. Revisionist History: Unions
  775. September 11th...
  776. Today, lets just remember those lost on 9/11/01
  777. Bush's Tragic Legacy
  778. 9-11 Teardrop Memorial~
  779. Casualties of 9-11........
  780. Nuremberg executions
  781. 9-11 audio recordings..........recently declassified
  782. 9/11 from space: Astronaut shares pictures and thoughts
  783. mencken on the Gettysburg address
  784. End times upon us
  785. House denies President to Speak (1986) or Pork I failed why will Pork II be better?
  786. The Taliban didn't "defeat" the Soviet Union
  787. The Rights of Labor
  788. Obama Declares Aug. 26 'Women's Equality Day'
  789. Riots in the 1960's
  790. Cheney to go after his loyal supporters in new memoir - says torture good
  791. JFK was the only handsome president I can recall
  792. When did Britain ever come to Americas help??
  793. Hitler, Saddamn and Gaddafi
  794. The "Democratic Arab Spring" Republicans imagined was always destined to fail.
  795. Revolutions And The People
  796. "I welcome their hatred" FDR
  797. Liberals Force Composer To Pull 9/11 Photo From Album Cover
  798. JFK would be a Republican today?
  799. General Butler's Famous Order No. 28
  800. Reagan's Pyrrhic Victory over Moscow
  801. Thank You America
  802. Hiroshima and Nagasaki - did they really end the war.
  803. German 'Atlantic wall' restored in France
  804. Why American decided abortion should be legal
  805. The Web Is 20 Years Old Today
  806. Wreck of Capt. Morgan's Pirate Ship Found
  807. Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby
  808. Your youth can come back to haunt you.....
  809. Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap, legendary vietnamese freedom fighter, turns 100
  810. General Robert E, Lee: Hero or Traitor?
  811. GWB on 9/11 - Cool Under Fire
  812. Rorke's Drift - Where Few Stood Against Many
  813. HNN Poll: 61% of Historians Rate the Bush Presidency Worst
  814. Shays' Rebellion and the Debt Ceiling
  815. Excaliber?
  816. The Jimmy Carter Record
  817. How quickly tyranny breaks down.
  818. Is the US a declining country?
  819. Alexandria's Library of Scrolls
  820. Monopoly propaganda seems to be very ineffective.
  821. Statue of Russian Cosmonaut unvailed in London
  822. Who Celebrates Bastille Day?
  823. Never Forget Clara Barton
  824. Mid-Air at Duxford Airshow in England
  825. Another good movie I wish everyone here would watch
  826. 10 Things You Might Not Know About America's Independence
  827. Der Süden steigt wieder!
  828. Fourth of July: What does it mean to an American Muslim
  829. Shots In Sarajevo
  830. Archaeological Sites Prove....
  831. ~Billy The Kid Photo Sold~
  832. what i saw in amerika !
  833. Princess Julia
  834. Dugout Doug
  835. George Smith Patton Jr.
  836. Historian revises estimate of Civil War dead
  837. Happy Flag Day America !!!!
  838. Vietnam War: Top secret US papers published
  839. All Your Old Belongs to Us
  840. The Sea Wolf
  841. Sarah Palin on Paul Revere
  842. The Public's Right-To-Know
  843. How did Korea come to be known as the "Forgotten War"
  844. 44 years ago today the USS Liberty Attack
  845. When History Turned Left
  846. Eugenics is not why America had a post WWII golden age
  847. Preserve more American Civil War sites?
  848. How will history view Republicans from the early 21st Century?
  849. Presidential Slugfest: Eisenhower v. Truman
  850. Northwoods
  851. Lenin's Jewish Roots
  852. Which of These Wars Should Have Been Prevented?
  853. What is your favorite part about U.S.History?
  854. The Toronto G20 Riot Fraud
  855. Hama' historical ties to israel
  856. New Deal: Another Name For Fascism
  857. ~George Washington's Hair~
  858. Just spent the weekend touring Civil War battlefields with my son
  859. The Birth of Religion
  860. The Founders on Intervention: American Military Action Abroad (1783-1860)
  861. "Chinese Massacre" dramatizes little-known history
  862. Found four 1935 White House Congressional books. What are they?
  863. 2007 celebration of jamestown.
  864. Damn - This "Kid" DESERVED a Medal of Honor
  865. Poetry and Revolution
  866. Explain this to me, Reagan-Lovers
  867. Cheney credited with 'getting' OBL
  868. Why did Democrats fight so hard against Civil right legislation?
  869. What do Republicans know about Dwight D. Eisenhower?
  870. America crimninally unprepared for WW2?
  871. I count the War of 1812 as a win for the US
  872. America was Founded as a White Christian Country
  873. Revisionist History...America is not founded upon Christian values
  874. RFK woulda been president in 1968
  875. The 4 Lincoln conspirators didn't get lethal injection
  876. 10 Lost Cities Of The World
  877. Where does Lincoln rank
  878. What happened to the soldiers at Joseph of Aremethia's tomb?
  879. Favorite Chinese Dynasty
  880. April 21 1836
  881. 1,000 Years of War in 5 Minutes...
  882. *It Is My Opinion: John Lennon Was A Jew*
  883. 105th Anniversary of the Great 1906 Earthquake
  884. The Honorable Soldiers to save one country
  885. Whom does Obama most resemble in ruling style?
  886. Civil War not about slavery?!?!
  887. White Genocide, Covered Up?
  888. Perspective on fighting abilities
  889. April Eleventh....
  890. My Rep Count On This Day Is 262 So In Celebration I Give You:
  891. Civil War and some Myths.
  892. 43 Years Ago Today, on a Balcony at the Lorraine in Memphis.
  893. name one program the FDR administration implemented and I will tell you why it failed
  894. Martin Luther King: a Christian and a Republican
  895. Once Again History Repeats Itself
  896. The Day Reagan was shot
  897. Pick 5 Figures From History
  898. Is Education The Basis of Leftist Thought?
  899. Quotes by industry heads from 1909-1911
  900. Europe during WW 2
  901. Remembering an American tradgedy
  902. Ronald Reagan showed his true stuff in the emergency room
  903. Not Understanding The Liberal Perspective.
  904. Mussolini was a punk in over his head
  905. Even Hitler in 1942 never thought he could attack
  906. A Look at the Beginning and Middle
  907. Chernobyl revisited
  908. The Zionist Story.
  909. The Face of Evil['s Lover]
  910. Life andTime mags had profiles about diff between a Chinese anda Japanese duringWW2
  911. On This Day
  912. April 14, 1919
  913. The War on Democracy
  914. What the first Republican said about a balanced budget
  915. Theres a reason the US mainland was never in any danger of invasion during WWII
  916. Who was first Republican President; first Democrat president?
  917. Potemkin Villages
  918. What Nation was The Number 1 factor in Defeating Hitler's Third Reich?
  919. Impeach washington
  920. T. Jefferson said it
  921. Rummy's Legacy
  922. USMB Raison D'ętre?
  923. Bill Clinton looked the camera in the eye on national TV
  924. Henry Scoop Jackson D-Wa should have been president
  925. Cut Down the Tall Trees
  926. MacArthur...does the legend hold up?
  927. If it wasn't for unrelenting biased support in the last 75 years
  928. Bush & the WMD mystery
  929. Anti-Semitic Fairy Tales
  930. Veterans Today voice their anger....
  931. Reagan: Killer, Coward, Con-man
  932. Cuban Missle Crises of Oct 1962 was mostly fun
  933. US was never in any danger of being invaded/occupiedin WW2
  934. George Gilder Speech on Ronald Reagan
  935. quote from nuremberg trials still highly relevant today
  936. The Twins Born on Two Successive Days!
  937. Yep. History...........
  938. How will history view Fox News and MSNBC
  939. President Ronald Reagan In His Own Words
  940. Democrat Presidents and Foreign Policy
  941. Dictators supported by the US
  942. Soviet Union were vultures in WW2
  944. Ronald Reagan: A WARNING To Future Generations
  945. What brought the Ottomans down
  946. State of the Union Response: 1966 The First Whine
  947. Audie L. Murphy Medal of Honor day
  948. In 34 Years....
  949. Which is the more disingenuous revisionist claim?
  950. I had no idea
  951. Zionist Jews Celebrating the Holohoax during WWI
  952. US coverup of UFO's
  953. The Treaty of Tripoli - The End of the Argument
  954. 50 years ago today, Ike warned of the Military Industrial Complex
  955. Who Was The Best Civil War General?
  956. Time for a Brief History about our News
  957. Russians were pathetic in the 1940 Winter War against Finland
  958. Human History and Evolution just got demolished and rewritten
  959. Republicans..The real allies of African Americans
  960. Amazing video showing 400 years of history in 4 minutes.
  961. Celebrate The Victories of Conservative Urban Policies!
  962. Patton's take on WWII
  963. History Repeats....
  964. What History Says About Obama Policies.
  965. Anyone else find it Ironic
  966. When Progressives Govern: a Cautionary Tale
  967. Now, what is the first thing you think of when you look at this:
  968. What is the first thing you think of when you look at this?
  969. 1933 - Zionists sign a deal with Hitler
  970. The Sons of Confederate Veterans in South Carolina Celebrate Secession - have "Ball"
  971. The Fascist Plot to Overthrow FDR
  972. What Happened To States Rights?
  973. So. Was Dec. 16th 1933 "National Hangover Day"?
  974. Paris liberation made 'whites only'
  975. the history of Liberia and the USA, one of racism, exploitation, and death
  976. History Reveals Progressives as Dupes!
  977. Wehrmacht got witnin 9 milesof the Kremilin in 1941
  978. History of Women Overcoming Barriers in the Workforce
  979. women worth remembering Lydia Livak & katerina Budonova
  980. Newsflash: Ronald Reagan Raised Taxes (You Idiots)
  981. The Pilgrims Were ... Socialists?
  982. Did it really happen?
  983. Buried History of the American Revolution
  984. George Washington : The First Thanksgiving Proclimation to the new nation. 1789
  985. Who Is The Smartest?
  986. Portuguese-Indian War
  987. Reagan's words are timeless. A founding father who
  988. And that's the way it is...
  989. If you like Rachel Corrie, here is someone you can really admire
  990. Do Democrats know...
  991. Wow, in book Bush says, "GOP leadership wanted to play politics soldiers lives"
  992. When did America cease to be the land of the forefathers?
  993. The Worst Moment of GWB's Presidency
  994. Decision Points gets high praise from President Clinton
  995. President John F. Kennedy's Definition of a Liberal.
  996. Not Yours To Give
  997. 35 Years, the Legend Lives On
  998. Chinese Exclusion Act
  999. Autobiography of Mark Twain, Vol I
  1000. A Reagan Legacy: Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants
  1001. What if Mexico declared war on America in WW1?
  1002. WHO SAID: Spending doesn't work !
  1003. Taliban Offered Us Bin Laden in 2001 But Bush Said "No Thankies"
  1004. Has Western Civilization Died?
  1005. Decision Points by George W. Bush
  1006. remembering when raegen took over an entire bank and fired their board
  1007. An interesting presidential message, from 140 years ago.
  1008. Elvis met Nixon in Oval Office
  1009. States Rights, Slave Trading & Right Wing Hypocrisy
  1010. From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli
  1011. "Republican Ascendancy"
  1012. Tankman
  1013. The Man Who Spied On Auschwitz
  1014. Pearl Harbor, JFK Assn, 9/11
  1015. people with kids who werent alive / too young to remember 9/11
  1016. American Founders and Foundations
  1017. Sen Joe McCarthy: American Patriot and Hero
  1018. Bush's Errors