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Jul 15, 2019 at 5:49 PM
Aug 3, 2009
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Wry Catcher

Diamond Member, Male, from San Francisco Bay Area

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Jul 15, 2019 at 5:49 PM
    1. CrusaderFrank
      Congratulation on the success of you contraception threads, I pray all your Progressive brothers and sister will take it to heart and stop breeding

      Also, you negged me first, dickwad
    2. CrusaderFrank
      I beg you to stop posting your fucking nonsense on my wall, bad enough I have to skim past it on the USMB thread. You're a walking joke, I'd call you a moron but real morons would be offended. Oh, and your race card is maxed out.
    3. CrusaderFrank
      What a fucking crybaby. What a gigantic crybaby! In all my time here I think I gave 2 negs to people who hadn't negged me first. I have a 100% guaranteed policy of negging in return (unless in the extremely rare case I agree with the negger that I did go voer the line and that's only happened once)

      You negged me for this:

      Me: Chris is Wall Street good or evil
      Chris: Yes.

      You're a Complete fucking asshole without a sense of humor or a clue.
    4. The Infidel
      The Infidel
      Im entitled to my opinion.... you like entitlements dont ya, so deal with it.

      Oh, and for your information, the positives far outweigh the "negs" in my case. :fu:
      And I did ask for you to return the neg rep which I hope you did there mr no self-esteem.
      My neg rep was for your douchebag troll. You weren't coming back at me or arguing against anything I said. You just said "nice critical thinking" when I posted a simple observation that had no comments about what it meant. Like I said your a pansy as loser, only a no self-esteem loser would feel the need to randomly troll someone like that

      ".......On the issue at hand it's obvious you're simply one more hysterical child unable or unwilling to think through a policy matter rationally.

      It amazes me how ignorant are those self defined 'conservatives who frequent this message board, and how unwilling they are to consider another's POV. I guess those who are controlled by their emotions are scared when confronted by reasoned arguments, arguments which suggest that the dogma they hold might be wrong-headed, they must strike out against those who threaten them with cognitive dissonance. Of course they do so while hiding behind a key board. Sad really."
    7. Trajan
      :lol::lol:a retroactive neg rep? :lol::razz:
    8. WillowTree
      Tsk Tsk Tsk..
    9. Mad Scientist
      Mad Scientist
      Mr. Maddow may have been Oxford educated, but that doesn't mean he knows what he's talking about. Bush II went to Yale AND Harvard right?
    10. Soggy in NOLA
      Soggy in NOLA

      That's it?
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    San Francisco Bay Area
    Retired law enforcement
    Navy Vet, College Grad, retired LE Manager; Married since 1974, two adult sons, one Border Collie/Aussie Cattle Dog (smarter by far than most members of the New Right who post here).


    IDIOT-GRAM: a phrase or one sentence post which lacks substance & is not thoughtful or thought provoking.

    "Real power - I don't even want to use the word - fear."
    Donald Trump (March 31, 2016)