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Aug 22, 2019 at 4:46 PM
Aug 3, 2009
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San Francisco Bay Area
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Wry Catcher

Diamond Member, Male, from San Francisco Bay Area

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Aug 22, 2019 at 4:46 PM
    1. paulitician
      Knee-Jerk hysterics. Blah Blah Blah.
    2. Ernie S.
      Ernie S.
      Cleaned the .308 after hunting today, asshole.
    3. JimBowie1958
      While your post held more thought and reason than most of the gun grabbing whore comments on these boards, it falls in line with the Jack Ass (Democrat) party's talking points.

      But I will apologize for my tone which was overly bellicose when you were being reasonable, by comparison.

      Really gun control is on the table now, but there is no reason to limit the frame of discussion to only how much more restrictive can we be to legal gun owners, in fact there shouldnt be any of the latter at all. Legal gun owners are not the problem. Perhaps people who own guns and have residents who are on psycho drugs should be required to keep their guns locked up?
    4. The Rabbi
      The Rabbi
      The good news is you aren't the biggest moron on this site. The bad news is you are a brainless ill-informed cocksucker with nothing substantive to add and simply bleat what your liberal masters tell you.
    5. Ernie S.
      Ernie S.
      Maybe you could cite that case?
    6. driveby
      Another day, another big mouth, moonbat pussy, ho hum......
    7. driveby
      Are you as dumb and gay as your posts suggest? Or do you just pretend to be a cocksucker behind the keyboard? Tough guy
    8. zonly1
      MeBelle60, ignore this taunt of crap...it needs to learn an education sometime b/c it aint part of the future and not sure if wry knows the future.
    9. MeBelle
      Are you asking for one? Believe it or not, sometimes you do make sense when you post.

      Edit- after reading all the VM posts here, one should consider taking a good hard look at themselves.

      Here's hoping for you!
    10. MeBelle
      One more time? If you need to, go for it!
      I won't stoop to your level of insult mode however.
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    San Francisco Bay Area
    Retired law enforcement
    Navy Vet, College Grad, retired LE Manager; Married since 1974, two adult sons, one Border Collie/Aussie Cattle Dog (smarter by far than most members of the New Right who post here).


    IDIOT-GRAM: a phrase or one sentence post which lacks substance & is not thoughtful or thought provoking.
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