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    1. lizzie
      Many you're welcomes!:)
    2. westwall
      I am very familiar with Marbury v. Madison. I am not taking a shot at your profession but lawyers find many ways to interpret things that when viewed simply as they are written, and taken in the context of the time, are self evident. Remember the infamous "well it depends on what your definition of is...is" for an example. But I do agree the bible has no place in the Constitution.

      As far as the social security issue goes, when it was founded I think it was a good idea, the problem is it is run by bureaucrats. There are many good bureaucrats out there but it only takes a few to really screw things up and there was no provision in the original Act to prevent that. I just look back to the Great Society where 5 trillion dollars was expended in the War on Poverty and the rates of poverty are exactly the same. So where did all that money go and what was done with it?
    3. jillian
      until social security, 50% of senior citizens lived in poverty. as for my view of the constitution, it's because i'm a lawyer. constitutional scholars (and i'm certainly not one) disagree on its interpretation and it was never intended to be read like some fundamentalist's version of the bible. as for how it's construed, you should start with this case if you haven't read it Marbury v. Madison
    4. jillian
      i'm big on 'do unto others as you'd have them do unto you'... so i'm pretty much with your wife on that. but the constitutional issues are a touchy thing for me.
    5. jillian
      true. and that might be the only thing we agree on. :)
    6. westwall
      Not really but why re-invent the wheel?:lol::lol:
    7. Dr Grump
      Dr Grump
      Wow! You have such original put downs!!

    8. Dr Grump
      Dr Grump
      No, just don't like bores...
    9. Foxfyre
      Thanks for the rep, friend.
    10. westwall
      Very very true!
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