Nov 15, 2009
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    1. immto
      Thanks for the rep and the comment.
    2. Liability
      Well, as I say. Maturity sucks. So you got the free POS Rep even though I had been intending to screw around with you and give you a Neg Rep. My error is your gain! Have a Happy and healthy Thanksgiving.
    3. Liability
      Regarding my FOILED effort to NEG Rep you: "Hate Crime against a Muslim!... 11-23-2009 09:23 PM Toronado3800 What a fucking sissy-ass comment. (I owed you a neg rep and this is the post of yours for the job!)" It appears that I was guilty of inattention to detail. I think I gave you pos rep instead. Do'oh! :eek: Drats! Now, sooner or later, I have to neg rep you TWICE just to get you to where you belong. Unless I just drop the whole rep shit. Maturity sucks.
    4. Zander
      Thanks for the rep!
    5. Liability
      Regarding your douchey Neg Rep comment, "Senate Democrats Claim... 11-22-2009 11:35 PM Toronado3800 "I blame you. You are just a fucking lump"? ? That's a little impolite." You were wrong. It was absolutely NOT a little impolite. It was, of course, downright fucking rude. Had you the brains to track the conversation from the idiot to whom I made the comment, maybe your precious sensisbilities would not have gotten so ruffled. Stop being a douchebag schoolmarm puusy, ya douchebag. Neg Rep coming right back at ya. Mwuhahahahaha!
    6. Navy1960
      Thank you for the rep.
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    Thanks for putting up with the typos. I most likely typed this on my made in China cellphone.