Sunni Man
Aug 14, 2008
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Patriotic American Muslim

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    1. del
      i'm not crazy about your POV either, but he really needs to man up.
    2. mightypeon
      Actually, a major reason why the crusades failed was that negotation and carefull threatment of prisoners was ideologically impossible for the Crusaders, which was not so much the case for the Muslim forces. Whenever the Christians negotiated (like f.e. Frederick the second of Hohenstauffen, you may want to read a bit about him here (Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) they could make momentary gains but would reduce their own militancy, reducing their military potential long term.
    3. strollingbones
      i just dont see how a southerner converts to the non pork eating side lol sorry...

      the country ham biscuits were just too good this am...
    4. strollingbones
      why shut my mouth...are there less red squares there than there were yesterday? lol...

      of course you will do something to red up again...
    5. Svante
      i think this iis good artikel fro m Sweden AFP presse for the thread.i find this today.

      Hundreds march in Nordic cities against Gaza bombings - Yahoo! Canada News
    6. Svante
      what i s Z.O.G. mean
    7. chloe
      where is the thread?
    8. thirteen31
      Good luck, Sunni, I wish you the best in the future. I am leaving this site for good; I can't take the abuse; I don't know how you do it - surely, there's something better out there. I hope that you have the chance to meet more open-minded people that see you for who you really are. :-)
    9. thirteen31
      I really don't understand why they call you racist or me for that matter; but I am a strong advocate for equality - I believe in one race - the Human Race. I found a site that I thought was interesting and thought that I would pass it on:

      25-Nation Poll Finds Worldwide Support for Principles in Universal Declaration of Human Rights - World Public Opinion
    10. thirteen31
      I'm sticking around, Sunni, I believe that you're good people. :-) I appreciate your honesty, I never would have assumed that you are American Muslim. It doesn't change any perspective for me, I admire that you stand up for your beliefs. I can't form an opinion either way, for I am not Muslim or Christian; but it irritates me when I see comments from others that are very racist towards you or any other for that matter. I, as a third-party have not seen anything that would give me the impression that you are racist, even when you are open about stating your position about Zionism and homosexuals. I don't believe it's racist to view it that way - but it would be different if you were to force me to believe that it is the only acceptable view - that's racism. I have to admire that most do have faith, for I cannot say the same; I am of no religion. Agnostic? Probably, but even then I cannot say if it's true. I'm still open to believe it may be possible.

      However, it's been interesting talking with you. I would enjoy having the pleasure again.
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    Patriotic American Muslim


    “We Jews, who have posed as Saviors of the World, we are today nothing else but the world’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners.” – Oscar Levy