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Mar 16, 2010
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Democrat all the way!, from The Good insane United states of America

Suck my fucking dick and I hope it explodes all over your face. Jan 15, 2018

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Jan 22, 2018 at 12:50 AM
    1. gslack
      THX matthew...
    2. ScienceRocks
      Yeah Fyrenza, it appears to be that there is a lot of morons on this board. We're out numbered greatly. But we will fight the lies and the idiocy of the marxist left. I'm more concerned of the oil volcano killing the gulf of mexico than anything these stupid leftist idiots with there global warming could ever attempt to dream of.
    3. fyrenza
      Isn't This the forum where they're "morAns?" :rofl: roflmao (I just lurve that! For someone that thinks That's the way to spell the word, to call someone ELSE a moron???

      It's FUCKING EPIC!!!)

      AND ;) Thank You for the info. Coming from a fellow forum member, it means a lot to folks like me, that can only know a little about a lot, and try to piece the puzzle together!

      {Is there a thumbs up doodad?}
    4. jillian
      racist loser. :cuckoo:
    5. fyrenza
      I go to this other forum, right? And someone, some dumbass (!), misspelled moron, and it is just HILARIOUS to me. When I call someone a MorAn? :lol: Yeah! YOU'll know what I'm saying!
    6. fyrenza
      Your avvy KICKS ASS AND Takes Names!!!
    7. ScienceRocks
      Obama sells this nation off and spends it into the hole. In you democrats cheat much more.
    8. Truthmatters
      Caging (voter suppression) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Your team cheats in elections
      1. Lutroo
        Matthew. Why did you feel the need to contact me, and tell me I needed to f*ck myself? As far as I know, we have never had any previous contact. Do you make a habit of contacting total strangers and harassing them for no reason?
        Jun 2, 2016
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    Conservatives are like a cock.