Feb 26, 2012
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    1. katsteve2012
      Thanks for the rep. Much appreciated.
    2. BobPlumb
      Thanks for the rep.
    3. Beelzebub
      Hi SayIt.

      Humanist? Me?

      I don't know really, as I haven't checked what they believe recently.

      I did have a good Catholic upbringing, and as soon as I was allowed to make comment I rebelled against the incredulous things we were supposed to believe, "just because".

      I was also aware of the struggles of Israel in its mid years, and was told in my Catholic groups that they were just the victims. I felt really bad for them.

      Then I looked into the issues, thinking there must be a solution there somewhere. I like to fix things. Only to find that the lies told for Israel were so deep and so astounding, that it was incredible that so many could lie to so many for so long and get away with it.

      I now oppose flat earthers in any topic I find them. :)

      Oops. That was a bit long. Sorry. :P
    4. shart_attack
      Thanks for the rep(s), friend.
    5. westwall
      That's for sure! Thank you!
    6. Pogo
      Thanks for rep -- mailbox maxed out and I didn't get the notice, hence leaving thanks here. :thup:
    7. SAYIT
      Cruise by the thread now and you'll find an otherwise relatively rational poster quoting from The Protocols of Zion. It seems a Jewish name is all it takes to bring the knuckle-draggers out of the woodwork and I have no reason to believe you are among them. Sorry about the tension.
    8. KevinWestern
      Thanks. About WTC7 post, as I mentioned it was on a whim on an area I didn't research a whole lot, and the idea was to explore the statement. After exploring, I changed my mind and concluded pull <> demolish. Lol, don't understand why you're so hung up on this.
    9. westwall
      Indeed he does! Thank you!
    10. tinydancer
      Appreciate the rep. Thank you. I have to tell you I'm really getting worried about what's happening in the ME. I'm going to come in shortly and put up a thread that at least gives me some hope for Egyptian Coptics.
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    Ah-ha ... So It's Not Real Socialism … It's just "Democrat Socialism." Got It. :cool: